Kids In Turkish Daycare Center Hacked to Pieces By Machete-Wielding Dominican Extremists

This is what Erdogan's insecurity has led to. DiarioExtra
This article is a work of fiction

President Erdogan has made too many enemies, and his arrest of a Dutch reporter was the last straw. Abreu Report is based in the Netherlands, and we know you arrested her to put pressure on the Dutch government, but know that Dominicans can blend in anywhere, and we'll hack anyone to pieces with a machete, even our own mother if they should cross us.

Dear Erdogan, do you have anyone willing to say that they will hack their own mother to pieces with a machete to defend your honor? You're a worthless, insecure piece of shit, and your insecurity will lead to dozens of children being hacked to pieces with machetes. 

There will be blood on the windows, little feet and small arms lying around everywhere, and the people will feel nothing but panic that such an act could be carried out merely for political gain by radical extremists who are happy to see Turks and Whites killing each other. 

People think ISIS is radical, but I think they're a bunch of fucking pussies! If that faggot the supposed Caliph of the Islamic State was a real man, he'd issue an ultimatum, like I'm about to: release the reporter or 10 Turkish kids will be hacked to pieces every hour upon the hour! You have 72 hours to comply before the first massacre takes place.