Geert Wilders is Right!

Citizens in Israel are trained to smile and tell a joke when they see a person that's suspicious at the bus station or at a random crowded place; they believe it helps weed out people who are on edge and about to blow themselves up.
The only man in Holland who's not bought and paid for. wf

Likewise, the Dutch police have righteously trained themselves to see any Moroccan-looking person as a potential enemy, one that needs to be quizzed in order to gauge his homicidal, suicidal intentions.

I was walking outside of the supermarket here in Leiden and a couple of cops biking by said hello and looked at me, but not at my white girlfriend, nor at any of the white people around me.

Dutch cops have one singular objective, or at least I hope they do: the deportation of anyone who they perceive as not belonging to this great society, and, accordingly, they will single out anyone of non-Aryan appearance.

I grew up in the Bronx, my grandfather was a fascist politician who never took money, and I did everything by the book; I followed every minuscule directive that life in the 'hood threw at me, but that was not enough in this great country; they still turned me into a heartless criminal whose woman had to get an abortion due to my status as an illegal immigrant, despite my mother being a Dutch citizen.

I try no to be angry at the Dutch government for assassinating my unborn child, but the fact is their laws did actually kill my mulatto son, yet I consider it a good thing that they did. I also wouldn't want an undocumented, voodoo-worshiping Haitian entering my Christian land and impregnating one of my women. Abortion of mulatto children is a God-ordained directive!!!

Although the trauma to which Dutch immigration laws have subjected me will last a lifetime, I now fully support all of them, and I think Geert Wilders is right.

The only reason the Dutch government had to pass laws limiting the ability of the children of its citizens to work is because of aggressive exploitation of the system by Moroccan marauders, who I fully believe should be put on a truck, paraded around town, and subsequently deported. 

I'm a US citizen who used to believe in leftist, open-border propaganda, but now I thank God Almighty that I came to the Netherlands, for here God has given me one singular purpose: to free Europe and North America of every single Dominican, for this is a continent that belongs to white people, not to the brown plague, who should return to their own tropical "paradise."

That singular objective to liberate Europe of its Dominican plague is unequivocally tied to my master plan to deport every single Haitian out of the Dominican Republic, even the children of Dominican citizens. My mom is a Dutch citizen, but I was deported from the Netherlands... something which I now think was the direct work of God Almighty himself.

God wants me to deport every single Haitian voodoo practitioner in the Dominican Republic, even if they're the children of Dominican citizens.

I will not fail in my divine mission: Europe will be rid of its Dominican problem, and the Dominican Republic will be rid of its Haitian problem. There will be no more cholera on the western side of the island of Hispaniola after I die, so help me God!