Dutch Foreign Police Should Set Up More Immigration Checkpoints Outside of Supermarkets to Facilitate Identification of Bodies Cremated During Home Fires

The bricks in the Netherlands are at risk! A home-fire threatens to put to sleep men with Jewish last names living on streets named after Jewish holocaust survivors before they are peacefully burned to death and cremated.

Amsterdam Police Officer Deserving of Empathy. P
The Netherlands is a peaceful place where the foreign police care for the safety of men with Jewish last names; and because they are so peaceful, the country is kept safe from the children of citizens who have not sworn loyalty to: His Majesty the King. Some people would say that the Dutch are Swampnecks, but I personally believe that the Swampnecks are the most honorable people in the world and that everyone should assimilate to their greed-driven world of blackface.

Everyone in the world should strive to seek satisfaction from their mothers earning at least 1500 euros a month; otherwise they should be deported!

My mother is a Dutch cunt who was not earning 1500 euros a month, and I was justly deported. I believe that the Dutch government should strive to deport the children of citizens whose mothers are not earning 1500 euros per month, and that we should make these children walk in the snow and deny them the right to file police reports if they complain about crimes being committed against them, so that they may learn the importance of income.

I believe that we should tell the children of citizens that they have no rights, and that the police are in charge even when it pertains to a federal felony involving a Dutch piet from Iraq. The Dutch police are good people, and everything the King of the Netherlands does is legal.

Since everything done in the name of His Majesty is legal, that means that the Argentinian cunt daughter of a dictator can dictate what is legal in this Rijk, and since that cunt can determine what is legal, anyone living in this cunt kingdom can determine she's the one in charge.