Dutch Ministry of Justice Places Abreu Report On Literary Parole for a Year

Abreu Report is On Parole!

The Dutch Ministry of Justice has decided to not file charges against our main editor, Jose Abreu, in regards to accusations that he was responsible for producing "offensive" articles in contravention of the laws of the Netherlands. After being forced to hire Willem Jebbink, the top free speech lawyer in the Low Lands and the only man bold enough to subpoena the King of the Netherlands, the free speech row intensified and we saw ourselves removed from Facebook at behest of prosecutors in February of last year. 

Receiving the latest letter from the Ministry of Justice ends a now nearly two year ordeal that saw Mr. Abreu invited twice to the main police station in Amsterdam, plucking him from the south of the Netherlands without concern for logistical difficulties.

Another victory for Willem Jebbink!
If Mr. Abreu had faced prosecution in court over offensive articles published on this website, it could have dealt tremendous consequences to free speech in the Netherlands, and it may have resulted in a diplomatic incident due to Mr. Abreu's US citizenship and the fact that this is primarily an American publication.

Although in 2015 Abreu Report was still in its infancy, 2016 saw us reach new dimensions as our articles helped decide the US election. Part of the reason why we agreed to take down articles deemed offensive by the Ministry of Justice was because we were featured in: the Taiwanese animated news, the top papers in Texas, in the New York Daily News, and in the Swiss media, forcing us to reassess whether it was appropriate for a publication with global renown to focus on local personalities in Amsterdam when those articles could have planetary reach.

Abreu Report agrees with the Ministry of Justice that a conditional non-prosecution is the best course of action, especially given the international scene that could be caused by hauling in former Infowars contributors from the US to the Netherlands to prove if they were responsible for penning specific articles or not.

Mr. Abreu could still be charged for writing past articles should he be suspected of insulting Dutch persons in the next year, but considering that he has no arrest record and not even a fine to his name, we believe that Abreu Report will appear on the radar but outside of bombing range of Amsterdam celebrities and cops.