Abreu Report Editor Barely Avoids Deportation from Dominican Republic Over Fake Birth Certificate Allegations

History won't know the truth, the only man who could tell it died more than a decade ago, and the only woman who may know the truth can no longer remember it correctly. According to Dominican government records, there were two man born on the 8th of September and they have the exact same name. 

The first man was allegedly born in a hospital in Santo Domingo in 1986, and the other in Villa Altagracia, a town formerly called Sabana of the Dead due to the number of foreign troops killed there.

Two men born on the same year? © AR
The Dominican government has now decided that this other man declared by our editor's father, that he was another man. I believe that Barack Obama possibly was also declared by his father in Kenya, and that this was done only for reasons that his father could have explained. 

I believe that there isn't just one Barack Obama, that there were two men born, and that his father decided to raise one of the twins, while the mother raised the other. 

When Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo was in power in Santo Domingo, he formed alliances with Generalissimo Franco of Spain and Generalissimo Chaing Kai-Shek in Taiwan. 

In the 1940s, Gen. Trujillo was poisoned with Anthrax, and he thereafter decided that to prevent the death of his rule, he needed to secretly engage in human breeding, so that he could one day be cloned. 

I have sufficient evidence and reason to incontrovertibly argue that our editor's father created two of the same men, and that he was not actually even Jose Abreu, that he was Dario Collado, and that it was Mr. Collado who people knew in the Dominican Republic.

There are legally two of the same exact men named Jose Miguel Abreu de la Cruz, both born to the same man, on the same exact day, but in different years.

And the father of Jose Miguel? Also two men, born in two different years in the 1950s. Genetic evidence seems to indicate that the story ends with one of those two men who fathered Jose Miguel, and that they were both cloned from an agent of Gen. Trujillo, a man named Luis Pimentel. 

All of the evidence seems to indicate that there are clones walking the earth, and that they have Yale degrees, and Harvard degrees. President Trump may be guarding one of the biggest secrets in American history: that Obama could be a clone.