Documents of Foreign Nationals Suspected of Crimes Should be Destroyed

America is seen as the holy grail of drug dealing for a large number of Latin American criminals, who immediately upon swimming across the border start dealing smack on our children's playgrounds. Many of these individuals come to the US and commit crimes expecting, should things go sour with the authorities, that their possessions will be returned to them. The Donald Trump administration should strive to completely eliminate that notion. 

In the Netherlands and in other progressive European countries, foreign nationals are required to provide the "address where they're staying" when they're about to file police reports, or the name of a lawyer they've spoken to asking if they could file a police report. In the United States, foreign nationals in sanctuary cities are often allowed by leftist radicals to tie down police resources by filing frivolous police reports that will delay a deportation, and very often these illegals are not even required to provide the address where they're staying or the name of their lawyer. 

The fate that should befall those who break our laws
President Trump should encourage Congress to enact legislation that forbids foreign nationals from filing police reports without providing the address where they're staying, thus hindering Immigration and Customs Enforcement from locating these individuals and apprehending those who shelter them.

There is absolutely no justifiable reason for an illegal alien to file a police report without giving ICE the means to find him and discover if there are other illegals in the house. When apprehended, all of the documents in possession of illegals or found in the house should be promptly destroyed after a warning letter is sent to a lawyer they've spoken to.

America simply will not survive unless it cracks down on illegals who refuse to assimilate to our laws and way of life.