Legal Residents Seeking Citizenship Should be Asked if Mohamed Was Right in Marrying 9-year-old Aisha

America is in crisis: it seems that everywhere you look, Hollywood elites are raping kids with common knowledge of well-known leftist political figures. And if you can't see the Hollywood hypocrisy, then perhaps the quick rise of appreciation for Sharia Law among college students should show you that the danger posed by the modern left is greater to the nation than that posed by the Soviet Union at the peak of the Cold War. 

Liberals in America today are openly promoting Sharia Law and the destruction of American history and, more shockingly,  they have infiltrated the highest echelons of the US government and are actively seeking to bring in the Muslim Brotherhood. 

To become a US citizen, I had to answer some simple questions: was I or had I ever been a member of the communist party; was I or have I ever been member of an organization seeking to violently overthrow the US government; was I or had I ever been member of the Nazi party.

These questions are necessary because at one point members of the Communist Party were entering the United States seeking to destroy our way of life and commit sabotage and espionage; and because members of the Nazi Party came to the US to hide from the law and escape convictions for war crimes.

The state we find ourselves in today, however, could arguably be considered more worrying than what we lived through during the Cold War, with members of the Islamic State entering the United States with no concern for their actions resulting in a nuclear holocaust at the hands of the superpowers. 

Members of the Islamic State enter the United States with the hope that their actions could result in a holocaust, and for this we must strengthen our naturalization laws, asking questions that weed out would-be Jihadists.

Imagine if after being denied citizenship, the older Boston Marathon Bomber had been deported; today we wouldn't be mourning Americans and honoring amputees. 

Simply put, the US government needs to start treating Islamic State ideology with the same gloves that it used on the Soviet Union. We must ask every person seeking citizenship if they agree that Mohamed was correct in Marrying 9-year-old Aisha. 

After all the good Americans we've lost to senseless terrorism, we simply can't allow people to enter our country who adhere to a 7th century interpretation of the law, directly violating the spirit of everything we hold dear as Constitution-loving Americans. 

By: Fran├žois Boncourt