Abreu Report Editor Arrested for Revealing Truth in Dutch Government Cover-up of Antibiotic-resistant Tuberculosis Outbreak Among Foreign Prisoners

Citizens revealing truth face arrest for "anti-immigrant hate." GS
There's a tuberculosis outbreak in the Netherlands and the government is covering it up, putting millions of lives at risk. 

An editor of the Abreu Report was arrested for revealing the truth about the spread of a highly-contagious airborne disease among refugees in the Netherlands last year, and we believe that they will possibly target him again.

Although the official cover story is that our editor spent a night in Dutch prison because "he was on an Article 50 database," the truth is that anyone who questions what the Dutch monarchy is doing is immediately subjected to "harsh attention" by the Marechaussee, the Royal Military Police. 

The Royal Military Police, allowed by monarchic law to operate against civilians who may oppose the monarchy, have been busy in the past few years setting up checkpoints outside of supermarkets, looking for anyone who may be on the Article 50 database, in the process developing the tools necessary for returning the Netherlands to its roots as an absolute monarchy. 

One individual who was arrested outside of a Dutch supermarket simply for looking like a foreigner describes his treatment "as beneath human... these people didn't even allow me to call a lawyer and refused me access to the US ambassador."

Yes, you're hearing the truth, an American civilian arrested by the Dutch Ministry of Defense was denied a phone call to his lawyer, whose name he stated, and was also denied access to the US ambassador; and the most disturbing thing is that the Marechaussee believes itself to have this power over anyone and that they will soon begin using it against their own citizens as the refugee situation becomes unmanageable.

Constant rioting by Moroccans and other ethnic minorities in the Netherlands meant that its once-liberal and tolerant culture had to be done away with and that the Marechaussee needed to be empowered with martial law powers during peacetime. 

And with that overwhelming power given to them by the Moroccan crisis, the Dutch have simply decided that nothing can be revealed, even if it means millions of people dying. 

Our editor woke up with blood smeared all over the wall, under situations that he cannot fully explained. 

The Dutch, with their secrecy laws concerning the health condition of foreign prisoners, have put the entire world in danger, and King Willem Alexander may be remembered as the man who unleashed the deadliest plague the world has ever known.