How the Dutch Convinced Me to Wear Blackface and Deny "Civil Genocide"

Walk around the streets of the Netherlands this time of the year and you'll see white men in blackface, portraying the beloved children's character of Zwarte Piet (Black Pete,) who serves as "assistant/slave" to Sinterklass, the Dutch Santa Claus. 

Growing up in the United States, anyone even remotely in a circle of liberal people or who lives around minorities will know that blackface is controversial because it was used to satirize the appearance and intelligence of black people. Most Americans would say blackface is intolerant. 

Come to the land of tolerance, where my mother is a citizen, and I was immediately told that I had to assimilate. A white American guy would never see someone walk into his place of business, a Dutch woman, and tell him that he needs to learn better Dutch because otherwise "you'll never assimilate;" the Dutch beauty would just know that a wealthy US citizen doesn't really need the country and is probably not here for the long haul. 

Now, I look Moroccan, so I don't get treated as a US citizen would, even though I've always had an EU residence permit. In fact, if you're Moroccan-looking and have a residence permit from a poorer country in the Union, you will be treated as poor person, and if you don't speak Dutch you will be treated as a person of low intelligence. 

The Dutch are convinced that anyone remotely brown who comes to the Netherlands needs to accept blackface and to learn perfect Dutch, despite the fact that most commerce is conducted in English. A white American guy having a conversation in basic Dutch would never have his intelligence insulted, but a Moroccan-looking guy will get treated like an idiot despite making the effort to learn what is financially a useless language.

On top of that, the Dutch also have some of the strictest immigration laws in the Union, and they believe that anyone who is foreign and disagrees with them should "just go back." A Dutch person would just tell you to go back if you inform them that you disagree with the country's immigration laws and the fact that local governments pay to host blackface events.

Since the Dutch have essentially become arrogant children who believe that nothing about the "kid's party" should change and that the son of a citizen has to even agree when he's told he doesn't have rights, I have deduced that the best way to correct their infantile attitude is by agreeing with everything I have been asked to agree with, but taking it to its intended logical extreme. 

Zwarte Piet deserves to die, and the best way to kill him is by dressing up as him year round while preaching Dutch law in foreign countries. I'm going to argue that we should charge 1250 euros to the children of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, and I'm gonna make video doing so in blackface, to be shared with Haitian activists. Since almost no Haitians have 1250 euros, this means that they will all be deported, despite living in my country over 80 years.

Sometimes you have to become the villain because principle is more important than legacy.