The Proper Attire to Wear When Torturing a Dutch Person to Death

The power of childhood magic. WP
Torture is hard work. Although in the movies it always looks like the guy with the cattle prod or the whip is cool and relaxed, the truth is that few of us have the physical endurance to look cool beating someone to a bloody pulp while also taking the care to maintain them alive for as long as possible.

For those of us who enjoy less physical privilege than Olympic athletes, the psychological component of our work must be taken into account. Although a lot of the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan used skull masks when extracting information from the bad guys, westerns have been desensitized to cranial representations through heavy exposure to horror movies.
Utilizing a character from a horror movie simply does not work anymore; people are too used to horrifying characters appearing out of nowhere. Research indicates that it's not horror movies that are the best pool of inspiration for when it comes to inflicting terror in the hearts and minds of the subject from whom information is being extracted, but rather children's movies.

Since childhood is to most men a time of innocence, a torturer must take into account that most men no longer consider themselves innocent and that they draw solace in the past. Considering that most men themselves do not consider themselves innocent, there's absolutely no need for you to have doubt about the innocence of the person whose ability to draw solace from infancy you're destroying.

Since Zwarte Piet (Black Pete,) is the childhood character which most Dutch people have difficulty letting go of, it becomes apparent that this is the avatar which you must use to psychologically destroy the person you're torturing freedom tickling.

If you're a cop in a foreign country and you arrest a Dutch person, especially if it's a Dutch nigger, a few days of isolation will put the Dutch nigger in the right condition to demand human interaction. The interaction that the isolated Dutch negro is subjected to should be exclusively with individuals wearing blackface. 

A few slaps and a couple of insults over the period of a few months and you probably can make the Dutch nigger psychologically break and hopefully commit suicide. A white Dutch person would likely survive, but remain a broken animal for the rest of its life.