DHS Prepares for Confrontation Against Pennsylvania Militia

My friend in DHS casually mentioned that he has seen plans drawn up in the event that a confrontation with Mark Kessler is necessary. The media is not widely reporting on Chief Mark Kessler, who has been suspended for 30 days after putting a video on Youtube where he called Secretary of State John Kerry, "a piece of shit traitor" and where he sent a message: "To the cocksuckers in the UN. Sign whatever you want to sign. It's not going to mean shit. Who are they to decide what the American people can own!? Come and take it, motherfuckers!!!" Before letting off a barrage of gunfire into the distance.

Mark Kessler is his town's only police officer, and effectively runs a militia. His armed followers block town hall meetings, prevent the opposition from speaking out, and Kessler has conducted cavity-searches against officials who've written complaints against him. In 2010, a judge was forced to dismiss charges against a councilman, and ruled that Kessler had arrested and strip-searched him as "political retaliation."

Though Chief Kessler has been suspended for a month, his base of support is likely to grow as his armed militia drives out the town's opposition. People in town are afraid of speaking out against him for fear that their houses may be shot up, or that they may be arrested and strip-searched. It's pretty clear that the man has grievances, but in a month he'll be back on the job; and even if he is not back on the job, his militia has effective control of the town of Gilberton, Pennsylvania.

The general impression that my friend in DHS gives me is that the Obama administration is terrified of the guy. Simply put, they're afraid that towns which have a demographic similar to Gilberton will all fall under militia rule. The prospect that DHS may be forced to confront the residents of Gilberton, Pennsylvania increases with each passing day. Depending on how fierce and bloody the response is by residents, it could very well prove to be as threatening to the stability of the United States as  the Whiskey, Fries', and Shay's rebellion[s] threatened the stability of America during its early years. Kessler's radicalism has the power to plunge the United States into chaos.

Just yesterday, a gunman opened fire on a town hall meeting in Ross Township, Pennsylvania. The shooter had a land dispute with his town hall, and given how town hall meetings have degenerated into armed shows of force, tensions will only increase. The economy is putting pressure on the American people, and even the chiefs of police are on the verge of revolt.