The Afternoon I was Brutally Taken Advantage of by a Transwoman

I was visiting New York City and casually decided to go on Craigslist looking for a transwoman who wanted to spend some quality time socializing. Normally, I would have just posted a picture of my dick, hoping that it would lure a trans-sucker looking to get slapped down with a big, Dominican cock, but I decided to be all classy and instead just posted a picture of myself wearing a J Crew blazer, face fully visible.

I received an answer from a 6'4" (193cm), African-American transwoman who was staying in an apartment in Washington Heights. She was like, "bring 420, we'll have a good time!"

At first I was skeptical, hoping the cops weren't setting me up, but eventually I decided to hop on the BX11 bus from the Bronx, bag full of weed in my blazer, hoping to hang out at her place in the Heights.

I nearly broke a sweat climbing the 6 flights to her place, and when I knocked on her door, I was expecting to get jacked. Nonetheless, the risk of getting jacked in the 'hood overrode my desire for transpussy.

The luscious African-American trans-babe opened the door -- wearing nothing but a gown -- and said, "come in, papi!'

I knew I'd hit the jackpot, this babe had sweet tits and an amazing ass... plus, I like tall women!

I took out all my weed and we smoked a massive blunt; a blunt which only made her hornier. She was like, "I'm so horny, wanna pound me up the ass?"

She bent over the couch, her beautiful balls and crack just seducing me. But I was like, "I just finished smoking, I'm not that horny right now, can we just cuddle in bed?"

She simply told me, "Well, the bed ain't mine, this is a rental, so we can only hang out on the couch."

 I agreed to hang out on the couch, and then she proposed hitting my ass with her cock. I was like, "I'm an anal virgin, you sure this is a good idea?"

That fucking cunt lied to me, telling me she would be gentle, but next thing I know I'm getting brutally rammed up the shitter. 

I tried to be strong, didn't show any emotions as she squeezed her hands 'round my neck while shouting, "yea, take it! Yea, take take it, you fag! Take it, fag!"

Then she came inside of my shithole and lied down, put her arms around me and said, "that was good, bitch!"

I said, "thanks, glad to please," but I was feeling brutal anal pain.

Nonetheless, as we hugged I became horny and asked, "can I penetrate you a bit, babe?"

She was like, "sorry, I just came, it would hurt too much. Maybe you should jerk off."

That fucking cunt took my anal virginity and didn't even have the dignity of reciprocating a little bit of fun!