Spanish Radio Station, Cadena SER, Linked to CIA

There's been a lot of buzz online since a prominent German journalist confessed that the Central Intelligence Agency was paying the corporate media to lie, and it seems that he was right in many ways. Abreu Report has seen secret documents detailing how offshore accounts were used to funnel thousands and thousands of dollars to several so-called "journalists" working for Cadena SER.
Linked to CIA. Cadena SER

Among those journalists on the CIA payroll were Pablo Moran Martinez, Javier Bañuelo Fernandez, and Marta del Vado Chicharro, with the first two often collaborating together on producing propaganda for Washington. Some of Martinez and Bañuelo's latest articles are "My Son Fought with ISIS," and "Lives in Transit," with the latter promoting a fusionist agenda between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

As Abreu Report has written in the past weeks, Haiti is not only home to a United Nations occupation force, but is also a large hotbed of covert activity, with the CIA backing the neo-Tonton Macoutes -- voodoo paramilitary army loyal to the former dictators Papa and Baby Doc Duvalier -- and with the United Kingdom's MI6 backing Sheik al-Faisal, a radical preacher who was deported for radicalizing the terrorists who carried out the 7/7 bombings.

Why are the United States and the United Kingdom hellbent on fusing the island of Hispaniola, of which Haiti and the Dominican Republic form part? Turks & Caicos, which lies north of the Dominican Republic, belongs to the UK, and Puerto Rico, which lies east of the DR, is a commonwealth of the United States.
"The Dominican enemy placed his water closed to our colonies"

Diplomatic cables leaked to Wikileaks document how extensively the US and the UK lobbied the Dominican Republic to disavow its status as an archipelagic nation, a disavowal which would have allowed the two colonial powers to claim larger pieces of Caribbean waters, where extensive energy deposits have been discovered over the past decade.

Dominican fishermen trying to put food on their families' plates are often harassed by the US Coast Guard who claim they are in Puerto Rican and thus US waters, with Turks & Caicos authorities engaging in the same extortion tactic.

With the documents seen by Abreu Report, it seems that the territorial dispute has spilled over from the diplomatic sphere and into the media, with Cadena SER blatantly publishing fusionist propaganda to discredit the Dominican Republic in the face of unprovoked international aggression.

Although there are countless Dominicans born in Spain who are denied citizenship, the loyal CIA hatchet men at Cadena SER are claiming that the Dominican Republic is leaving people stateless, conveniently failing to report that all people of Haitian descent are citizens of Haiti. 

The article then goes on to accuse the DR of "civil genocide," even as Europe deports refugees back to Turkey where they face the prospect of being forced back into warzones.