Dominican Knifes Moroccan in Spain as Gang Conflict Intensifies

The digital portal AlMomento is reporting that a 22-year-old Dominican national was arrested by Spanish police for gravely wounding a Moroccan national after a brawl broke out between the two similar-looking but very distinct groups in what was likely a case of mistaken identity. 

The newest Dominican sport. AlMomento
Over the past few years, Spain has been traumatized by Latin gangs publicly warring with machetes. At the beginning of the century, the gang scene in Spain was dominated by the Latin Kings and the Ñetas, two groups with pan-Puerto Rican origins. These two gangs, however, have recently been marginalized by the arrival of pan-Dominican groups, who drove out the Kings and the Ñetas and now primarily fight against each other. 

The two new arrivals, known as DDP (Dominicans Don't Play) and Los Trinitarios, still have regular fights with the Latin Kings and the Ñetas, as was evidenced this past September when a member of the Trinitarios sliced a member of the Ñetas with a machete, an attack which yielded retaliation in the form of a shooting against a 21-year-old Dominican affiliated with the Trinitarios.

Despite the extreme level of violence which was seen this past September, however, only one arrest was made, and that individual was free later in the afternoon. Before the machete attack and the shooting this past September, the Prosecutor's Office issued a warning that attacks by the Trinitarios had doubled from 2014 to 2015, with an ever larger number of incidents never being reported. 

Every weekend, drunk gang bangers can be seen strolling into emergency rooms, often claiming to have suffered accidents. 

Moroccans, who can pass for Dominican until their accent gives them away, were inevitably bound to get caught up in an errant knife fight with the Trinitarios. The only hope at this stage is that this incident doesn't lead to more senseless acts of revenge, but that is unlikely.