Dominican Republic on Verge of Coup D'etat

Rumored to have doubled presidential guard. Vanguardia
Donald Trump's ascent to the White House threatens the stability of not just the Islamic State leadership, but also of globalist technocrats who have remained in power on a platform of open borders even as it leads to the dissolution of the local culture they were entrusted with protecting. 

Globalists preach for economic progress through unfettered free trade, promising to deliver a world where there will be no borders and no poverty. However, this supposed dream future of no borders and no poverty is currently being achieved through the destruction of ethnic magic by a powerful Abrahamic religion in the same way that militant Catholics exterminated Native American magic in the 16th century. 

Make no mistake about it: the Caliphate has plans for the world and its expansionist nature will allow it to eventually take over as falling birthrates and political correctness open the door to what amounts to a worldwide invasion. If Donald Trump weren't in power today, history may have looked back at 9/11 in the same way that we look back at Columbus' arrival in the New World. 

Although the Dominican Republic is not seeing its native culture and ethnic population replaced by Islamic entities, the forces of Voodoo are busy changing the demographics of a multi-racial nation just the same.

After ethnically cleansing the white elements of its population, a nascent Haitian elite sought to exterminate light-skinned Dominicans with the objective of fully dominating the island in perpetuity, eliminating the threat of non-blacks rising to power. 

Today, the Dominican people once again face extermination, and in 2013 the country's Constitutional Tribunal decided to crack down on dual citizenship, increasing the assimilation requirements for those who did not renounce their second nationality. 

The 2013 decision by the country's top court affected individuals from dozens of nations, but the majority were Haitians, and since they are largely unable to meet the assimilation requirements for renewing their residence permits, this means they should have been deported a year ago. 

President Danilo Medina didn't just hand out free residence permits in contravention of assimilation requirements set out by the courts, he effectively carried out a coup d'etat. If President Trump today were to deny gay marriage, he would be essentially overthrowing the will of the Supreme Court and overturning the Constitution, which in effect would make him a dictator. 

President Danilo Medina is at this moment in history the dictator of the Dominican Republic, since he has decided that he will not implement the will of the Constitutional Tribunal. 

The largest web portals on the Dominican internet have since President Trump's inauguration seen a crackdown on free speech, and individuals preaching for the will of the courts to be implemented are being savagely silenced. 

Reports in security circles are that President Medina has decided that he will stifle US influence and continue his policy of keeping the border open and disobeying the court, even as an angry populace marches against the perceived corruption of his regime.

This past Sunday, as the Odebrecht corruption scandal widens, Dominicans all over the world went out in droves to protest the impunity with which members of the ruling party have engaged in corrupt practices. 

Playing with the lungs of the republic. Bocao
Should President Medina continue refusing to implement the immigration will of the courts while tolerating corrupt practices, he will be basically smoking a big cigar near an open gasoline tank. The slightest bit of hot ash in the wind could set the whole republic on fire, and the president knows it, yet his addiction to globalist nicotine won't allow him to put out the cigar.