Dutch Authorities Enabled Iraqi to Steal, Attempt to Sell US Passport of Yale Graduate

Dutch News is reporting that the government of the Netherlands has suspended talks with Washington surrounding the implementation of a clearance system for dual nationals. Although the media is reporting that the Dutch canceled the travel clearance talks, the United States should have never even held them in the first place. 

The main reason why Abreu Report worked to help President Trump rise to power was because of the experiences that our main editor suffered in the Netherlands after his apartment was raided by the police over a "cannabis smell disturbance" called in by the old lady down the hallway who didn't recognize the new kids on the block and didn't know the previous owner had died and the apartment was sold and rented a few months earlier.

Although our editor Jose Abreu has no arrest record or even a fine to his name, the Dutch police decided to take the word of an Iraqi national who told them that he signed the lease for his apartment in January of 2012, three months before the place was even sold at auction. Instead of verifying if the apartment was even sold or if our editor had even left Spain, the police accepted the lease presented by the Iraqi national and declared the son of a Dutch citizen a "suspected illegal."

According to complaints on Trip Advisor, the Iraqi national has been accused of breaking into apartments and robbing people of their documents all the way back to 2010, yet he is still in business near Amsterdam's Central Station. 

An Iraqi national who has complaints of stealing documents all the way back to 2010 did not have to break into our editor's apartment; the police gave him access despite knowing there was a valid US passport and Yale ID inside. 

When our editor returned from the holidays and made his way to the realty on the 25th of January, 2013, the Iraqi informed him that he wanted 5,000 euros in exchange for the passport. 

Immediately making his way to the police station near Central Station, our editor found that the police didn't even want to take a police report, lying to our editor and telling him that he needed to travel to Diemen to file the police report, since the crime had taken place there. The policewoman at the Central Station precinct was informed that the individual selling the US passport was Iraqi, but she told our editor not to repeat that because "it wasn't important."

Our editor made an appointment to file a police report for the 28th of January, 2013, at the Diemen police station and had the door slammed on his face by a police woman who aggressively told him: "I'm the one in charge here!" 

Dutch anti-xenophobia expert. Nu
Since the Iraqi national had submitted a lease dated January 2012, the police treated our editor as a suspected illegal immigrant who had been in the Netherlands for a year. Jose Abreu is a US citizen born in the Dominican Republic, and even though he was telling the Diemen policewoman that the Iraqi national was selling a US passport, they still treated him as an illegal Dominican. The Dutch authorities will not only treat a US citizen born in the Dominican Republic as nothing but a Dominican, listing him as such in documents even as he reports a US passport stolen, they will even give priority to an Iraqi who is known to them for document theft.

It took a week until Dutch authorities allowed a police report to be filed, because they wanted to conceal that they had knowingly given an Iraqi national access to an apartment with a US passport inside just less than two weeks after it was raided. 

If obstruction of justice in an illegal entry case involving theft and conversion of US government property isn't enough, the police called our editor out of the blue in April asking him to present himself at the police station in East Amsterdam. 

The detective who called our editor did not have his number, since the Iraqi did not provide it to her. Our editor spent money which he did not have placing expensive phone calls to the Diemen police department, wasting days until they gave him the number of the detective who would later call him to help the Iraqi passport thief. 

The policewoman in East Amsterdam was told that the Iraqi national had submitted a contract with a false date, and she was informed that our editor was a Yale graduate, but she did not know where Bush went to school, and all she could see was that our editor was born in the Dominican Republic. Although Dutch hypocrites are now canceling talks with President Trump, they see US citizens born in foreign countries as nothing but the citizens of those countries even when presented with no evidence of this. 

The policewoman who was contacted by our editor, asking her for his documents, decided to not only make him sign a false confession, but to also submit the false contract to the court. 

In court, the prosecutor told the presiding police rector that the Iraqi national who she knew had tried to sell stolen US government property "only wanted his money."

A Dutch prosecutor defended an Iraqi passport thief in court, with our editor having to explain to the police rector that "giving even 1 euro in exchange for US government property constitutes a common law crime: misprision of felony."

The translator could not translate "misprision of felony," but that is what a policewoman in Diemen, a policewoman in East Amsterdam, and a prosecutor in the Netherlands suggested a Yale graduate should do. 

All of these people knew that the United States was/is at war, and the policewoman in East Amsterdam was informed that our editor wrote about "Obama's drone targeted assassination program," and yet she still chose to lie for an Iraqi passport thief with accusations of such dating all the way back to 2010 on Trip Advisor. 

The policewoman in East Amsterdam was only able to put our editor on trial because she lied, and the only reason she was able to contact him was because he sought her out looking for his documents. 

President Trump should treat every single Dutch citizen born in Iraq as just that, since the carelessness and ineptitude of the authorities here put a Yale graduate at risk and endangered US national security.

The Dutch authorities will serve as enforcer for an Iraqi selling a stolen passport, and they will destroy all the property if the thief doesn't get what he wants. 

If history says that Abreu Report was influential in helping President Trump get elected, it should also say that being humiliated, losing everything to a lying Iraqi, and witnessing a train of crimes against the United States covered up is what motivated our editor to do the work for free.