"False Flag Attack of the Century" Planned as Elite Gear Up for Homeland Insurrection

Top Pentagon officials have gone on record to state that the current war against radical Islamic terrorists is something that will resemble the Indian American Wars, and that it will be a multi-generational conflict. Some of the top military minds in the world are now certain that American culture has taken an irreversible shift towards military adventurism, with Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama codifying into law the assassination by drone of even US citizens nowhere near a battlefield, setting the precedent for a war on the Homeland that threatens to unleash a holocaust of Americans with just under 20,000 bombs. 

No rogue general will prevent martial law. YNW
Although many Americans feel that the attacks of September the 11th took place a generation ago, the United States is still in a state of emergency, with numerous provisions activated immediately after the event which set off the War on Terror slated to give President Trump the power to intern citizens; citizens which he will inherit from President Barack Obama.

Chris Hedges, one of the top legal minds in America, speculates that there are already US citizens being secretly held in indefinite detention without charges, and others believe that in the same way that President Obama revealed that he had killed a 16-year-old born in Colorado, the next administration will be forced to reveal that an American man in his 20s was apprehended as a teen in Afghanistan and has been quietly interned since the George W. Bush administration.

Due to Franklin D. Roosevelt ordering the secret execution of a US citizen during World War II because he was going to commit sabotage, we may also learn during the Donald Trump administration that an American man has been secretly executed in the Homeland.

Even if the US government has not been engaging in the internment of citizens on the industrial scale that it did with Americans of Japanese descent during WWII, and even if the evidence for what is happening is not fully confirmed, the elite have planned to take down the government of President Donald Trump using conspiracies about citizens being secretly executed inside of the Homeland.

The elite have already decided that after they accuse President Trump of interning citizens, they'll allow a terror attack to take place which can be blamed on him. 

The perpetrators of the coming attack will remain on the loose, and an insurrection will break out as the citizenry descends into paranoia in the ensuing crackdown. 

One thing is for certain: the first casualty of what's coming will be Lady Truth, and she will be killed to hide the strangling of Lady Liberty.