Globalists Encourage Shadow Government Takeover as President Trump Signals Increased Civilian Oversight of National Security Council

Globalists want CIA in charge of wart effort.
George Soros is busy financing an army of lawyers to allow unvetted individuals from unstable war zones into the United States, with these so-called barristers pretending to provide their services for free despite being on the dole of the notorious globalism-promoting billionaire and his Open Society Foundations.

Even though President Trump's order to establish a temporary ban on entry from nationals of certain unstable countries is based on European law consistent with human rights, the corporate media has chosen to portray this initiative as not having been started under former President Barack Obama, who selected the 7 countries on the vetting list. The globalist media long ago decided that any new initiative would be presented as an affront to liberal values, even if President Trump's objective is to protect America from a Jihad takeover.

Although the Islamic State is currently holding less territory than it did in months past, the group's amorphous nature means that it is actually improving its capabilities to wage war even as it finds itself increasingly cornered on the battlefield. Limited battlefield success means that the group often seeks to increase the number of external operations in order to maintain media relevance, so there can be no doubt that we could be seeing increased attempts by ISIS to send operatives into the Homeland in the coming months as President Trump shows that he's a man of his word and is going to "fuck them up."

The War on Terror has been destroying America's financial ability to improve infrastructure in the Homeland, and with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Joint Chiefs of Staff planning to continue using the same hammer for another generation, hoping that eventually the nail will stick, President Trump has caused alarm due to his willingness to quickly end the ongoing global conflict by implementing bold new tactics.

Stephen Bannon's appointment to the National Security Council clearly points to President Trump deciding that we need a bigger hammer to smash ISIS. Given the fact that ISIS is an cancerous ideology, Mr. Bannon may be just the man to psychologically deliver the necessary radiation.