Ijburg Police Punch Head Off Jewish Baby for "Failure to Register at City Hall"

Mr. Solomon shows reattached head.
A checkpoint outside of an Albert Heijn supermarket on the small, artificially-constructed island of Ijburg escalated into a kerfuffle after an underage resident of the new Amsterdam enclave became belligerent and refused to communicate in Dutch with the officers asking for his documents. 

Mr. Solomon, the father of the allochtoon male who became belligerent as officers interrogated him, told Abreu Report from inside of an internment boat that his son always did things "normal" and behaved in an unexpected manner only after being made to sit in the cold for half an hour as officers confirmed his identity. 

Mr. Solomon claimed that a failure in the police computer system incorrectly identified his Jewish son as a Moroccan-born male slated for instant deportation. 

According to records obtained from Amsterdam's "thousand year city hall," Mr. Solomon correctly labeled his son as a native-born Jew, but in police files his son was fingered as a "developing-world-born, potential disease vector."

As authorities in the Netherlands grow increasingly concerned about the spread of infections, they have begun to draw blood right outside of the supermarkets, and this is probably why Mr. Solomon's son provoked the Ijburg police into leather gloving his tiny Jewish head clean off. 

"My little one always had a phobia of needles. I told my wife that his fear of needles would be the death of him," Mr. Solomon pointed out to Abreu Report.

The funeral for Mr. Solomon's little one will be held in the detention boat where he's currently being held for disturbing the peace. Officers allege that he began to wail uncontrollably after his son initiated the altercation, waking decent people up on the small island with his Jewish hysterics. 

The supreme commander of the Ijburg police could not be reached for comment.