Religious ADHD: The Secret of Aaron's Line

A man is Jewish if his mother was Jewish, but to be considered a priest of Israel a man's father must be descended from Aaron, brother of Moses. Moses had the revelations, and Aaron was his spokesman, indicating that Aaron did not suffer from schizophrenia or psychosis but was still adept at interpreting religious visions and had deep devotion. 

Since genetics can pinpoint whether a man's Y-chromosome was inherited from this founding Jewish male figure who may have been the Biblical Aaron, we can speculate that there is something inherited by males of this line which increases their propensity for religious devotion. 

 Priest of Israel by male birthright
Since the temporal lobe is the region of the brain associated with religiosity and God, one can speculate that something which is passed down from father to son in this region of the brain could potentially be something which increases a person's propensity for religious devotion.

Since an arachnoid cyst in the left temporal lobe is something which is passed down from father to son and is independent of a mental condition, it can be deduced that the pressure, even though minute, placed by this benign sac of cerebrospinal fluid in the "God region" of the brain is what compels some men to devote themselves religiously to certain subjects, appearing to have selective ADHD (ADHD predominantly inattentive.)

What often appears in a CT scan or MRI as an insignificant, benign sac of fluid is what has put pressure on countless men to pursue certain objectives with religious fervor and allowed them to establish religious dynasties.

Our study of genetics is only beginning to unlock the knowledge of the gifts given to the Chosen People. Those who don't believe in Israel's right to exist simply can't imagine what will be lost if the descendants of the Jews are once again scattered throughout the earth: a power to hyperconcentrate that has uplifted civilization since Biblical times. 

Before President Trump was elected, I was certain that I didn't believe in a higher power, and I was so distracted with scientifically analyzing how an orphan from the Bronx could graduate Yale that I forgot about friends and family as I built this now globally-known publication.

After Trump won, I had to consider if Alex Jones stumbling across my website in 2008 was divine providence since now I'm one of the most influential Dominican writers. I can confess that I lost friends at Yale, and I can confess that people thought my "conspiracy writing" would take me nowhere, but I no longer believe that it's a coincidence that Alex Jones would help put into power a man who is now Israel's best choice for salvation, a man who will be feared enough to defeat the Islamic State and slow the ongoing Christian genocide in the Middle East.

I was once an atheist, and even though I'm still a man of science who doesn't believe in the Book, I feel in my heart that Trump's victory was part of God's plan, and that Alex Jones has done the work of God.

A third world war is written, and a man who was not too long ago an atheist believes that Trump is the chosen man to lead us through this apocalyptic battle against the forces of evil, since Caliph Ibrahim may just be the closest thing to an Antichrist since Hitler.

By: Joseph the Hebrew