Renegade CIA May Carry Out Anthrax Attacks Against Trump Administration

The most personal Weapon of Mass Destruction. YNW
President-elect Donald Trump wasn't just given the position by the American people in a landslide, he also decided to give himself the most dangerous job in the world: taking on the shadow government which has since the birth of the national security state in the wake of World War II waged covert wars around the world and engaged in surreptitious propaganda campaigns even against US citizens. Although some hardcore left-leaning Americans would like to believe that President Barack Obama's presidency was "scandal-free," his legacy will be codifying the shadow government's privilege to kill-at-will. 

There have been persistent reports that President Obama was barely present as a student when he was allegedly enrolled at Columbia University, with evidence hinting at him being engaged mostly in work for the Central Intelligence Agency. During this cryptic time in his youth, Mr. Obama allegedly engaged in dark activities for the same people who would later help him conceal his fake birth certificate and usurp his way to the White House. 

Should President Obama leave office as scheduled, he'll remain in Washington DC not to oversee his daughter's education, but rather to continue his work as executioner for the elite. Mr. Obama's very freedom depends on him maintaining control of an apparatus of death which will allow him to bring down individuals who could expose his real identity.

Although the plan was to put Hillary Clinton into the White House, the objective now is to try and keep President Trump distracted from discovering Mr. Obama's real identity, ending the war, and from bringing back jobs, a task which they plan to accomplish with anthrax and by maintaining him under constant fear of death. 

Prominent Hollywood leftists are essentially calling for an MK-Ultra case with a martyrdom complex to emerge from the shadows and assassinate President Trump, but that may not be necessary since we'll likely see the CIA taking hands-on action, trying to take down President Trump in the same way they tried to bring down opponents of George W. Bush's false wars.

If anthrax attacks don't keep President Trump under control, the elite may just decide that the Office of the Presidency is no longer necessary, that the globalist cabal needs to effectively do away with the illusion of democracy.