Trump Victory Signals Divine Plan for World's Magic

Trump is spreading magic. The better part of the past decade has seen the world descend into darkness and the gloominess of war. America's universities, where the language is shaped and cultural regulations meted out, are today exclusively in the business of implanting and treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorders into their clients, since academia now is nothing more than a business designed to create psychological dependence which compels the treated individual to donate to his alma mater. 

I survived the Bronx, but I barely survived Yale. In the Bronx I had unbridled hope for the future, curiosity for others, lack of fear, and I still believed in the magic of simple things. I expected to end up in an environment where people were somewhat like me, but I realized that they were dead inside. How can you have hope for the future when you must live in absolute fear of the past following you around forever?

Wealthy liberals who enjoyed privileged and nursing youths simply don't realize that they are trying to aggressively implement a culture which can only psychologically harm those who needed a different psychology to flourish in their native environments. Trump's father is a cat from the Bronx, and the real estate world is one where a person needs to have the ability to deal with people from the inner city who have never heard of political correctness since it couldn't provide them a father figure or put food on the plate. 

Pepe has more empathy than Ivy League liberal. Reddit
Although the culture of political correctness is well-intentioned and its adherents are some of the kindest people, they simply have no ability to relate to those who are not like them, and humans don't seem to understand that empathy enforced through shunning and aggression is no empathy at all, it is merely feigned concern. 

People who never had to worry about war or scarcity during their youths have, by virtue of their wealth and privilege, decided that culture must follow their tune, and anyone who is tone-deaf and primarily concerned with overcoming scarcity is in their eyes potentially an evil person. 

To an Ivy League liberal, you're not a guy trying to survive and raise a better family, you're an evil person who hasn't taken the time to learn proper management of their speech. You're not a person who has never known the fancy life, you're not a person who is now grateful for what they have because they had nothing in the past, you're an evil person who's afraid of embracing change. 

And because the people who control the new culture have no knowledge of scarcity, cultural progress is no longer measured in line with the number of people who overcome scarcity but rather by the number of people who embrace the new culture. Eventually society will just be a place where people are blind to scarcity and can only see the new culture.

The new culture is affectless, it's inorganic and it's designed to promote empathy for people who have never needed anything in life. And although the case can be made that an East Coast blue blood needs empathy for the psychological issues he'll develop dealing with other Ivy Leaguers, they're a chosen minority that should be concerned primarily with ending scarcity instead of judging those who have none for not being able to embrace the culture which privilege has allowed them to create. 

Trump's victory was a wake-up call for the selfish elite: you had no empathy for the politically incorrect even if they were needy, and today you think they are evil because the culture of indifference that you embraced is being discarded.

And although I want to live in a Star Trek world without a need for borders or cultural conflict, first we need to concentrate on warp technology and ending scarcity, not on re-writing language and force-editing culture.

President Obama has taken magic away from the world, and he has stood by as the Islamic State carries out a genocide of Christians in the Middle East. At the rate we were going, there wouldn't be magic and everything would be dark and the same.