Abreu Report Editor Confesses to Fake Birth Certificate Before Agent of Dominican Government Inside Consulate in the Netherlands

A man twice alive © Abreu Report
Our editor Jose Abreu is as of today a guilt-free man who can no longer be blackmailed by the men who helped him get into Yale after he confessed to having a fake birth certificate before an agent of the Dominican government in the Netherlands. 

According to Dominican government records, Mr. Abreu was born in Santo Domingo in 1986, but has been living as a man born in 1987 in Villa Altagracia, the city where his grandfather was appointed mayor by former strongman Joaquin Balaguer. 

Villa Altagracia is a satellite city of the capital of Santo Domingo, where electricians can make magic happen, as was the case when President Balaguer needed his helicopter to explode in order to justify him winning the elections back in 1974.

Mr. Abreu has been unwell for a week, ridden by fear that the Dominican government could soon begin to crackdown on the hundreds of thousands of fake birth certificates used by dual citizens to obscure their identities on the island. 

According to Dominican authorities, Mr. Abreu now has to travel to the Republic in order to invalidate his original birth certificate, as probably everyone who has not already done will have to.  

As of today, Mr. Abreu is a man who is twice alive to the Dominican government, and who will have to kill one of his identities.