Biased Huffington Post Attacks President Trump for Calling General at 3am

My grandfather was a simple man with a 6th grade education, but he was the mayor of my village, and if there was one thing he taught me was that if the president called you at 3am asking you for your opinion on a subject with which you had limited expertise, you would simply offer your limited expertise, acknowledge as much, and be prepared for the next time you are given the honor of offering limited expertise at 3am to the people's most powerful elected representative.

A senseless attack piece in the Huffington Post yesterday tried to make President Donald Trump look dysfunctional because he does not operate on Eastern Standard Time. President Trump called his National Security Adviser at 3am asking him if a strong dollar was good for the economy, with the HuffPo reporting that Lt. Gen. Mike Flinn simply couldn't provide an answer. 

Now, I'm no decorated general, my only claim to military honor was placing on the 95th percentile on the ASVAB, but I can tell you that a strong dollar is good when it comes to counterinsurgency. Nothing makes a local warlord more compliant than a briefcase full of Benjamins. Although inflation could have a positive domestic effect, a warlord might be less willing to accept a briefcase full of bills he believes will have less value next year. 

General Pepe knows about a strong dollar at 3am. Reddit
Why did President Trump call Lt. Gen. Mike Flinn at 3am? That's part of the job, generals are gonna get phone calls from this commander in chief at 3am and he will have difficult questions for them, he will ask them to give an opinion even if they only have limited expertise, and it's a good thing because sometimes the worst thing that can happen is when a man gets drunk on power and decides that he no longer needs to hear what a common man has to say about a complex subject.

The liberal media thinks it's normal for an emotionless automaton who only consults with so-called experts and goes out of his way to be normcore to be in charge of leading the fight against an enemy that rapes and beheads children.

We need a man in power who will keep the generals on their toes at 3am with difficult questions, because the enemy will not care that it's late at night when he shows up with difficult questions.