Dominican Consulate in NYC Issues Alert to Help Illegals Avoid Deportation

The digital portal Acento has published a copy of a letter distributed by the Dominican Consulate in New York City providing advice to citizens of the Caribbean nation on how to avoid deportation if they have had previous encounters with US authorities.

The shocking document tells Dominican citizens that they should avoid traveling to airports to greet relatives or to say goodbye to them, indicating that sources within the Caribbean government expect the Department of Homeland Security to implement airport surveillance measures similar to those in certain European airports. 

Illegal criminal assistance center. Acento
The Dominican Consulate in NYC warns individuals who have been suspected of crimes, even if no charges were filed or a conviction reached, that they could be asked to sign a paper renouncing their residence permits, or "green cards."

This latest consulate directive from Santo Domingo comes in the wake of a recent decision by a Monte Planta court annulling the birth certificate of the daughter of two Haitian nationals born on Dominican soil. Juliana Deguis Pierre, the individual whose birth certificate was canceled, had previously filed motions against the Dominican government, losing a lawsuit in 2013 that resulted in every dual citizen on the island needing to reapply for Dominican citizenship.

The Dominican Republic is a place where birth certificates can be acquired more easily than bread in some bakeries, and even one of our editors shockingly revealed last year that his own birth certificate was fake, leading us to become the only publication owned by an American of Dominican descent who recognized the national security threat posed by a country close to the Homeland exporting unvetted nationals. The danger is real and the facts led us to endorse President Trump.

Although two Dominican courts have separately ruled that every dual citizen on the island must be vetted, and the government needs to go through the process of proving if the birth certificates which were sold in bulk back in the 1980s and 90s are fake, President Danilo Medina has decided to ignore the will of the Judicial Branch.

At helm of fake birth certificate invasion
President Trump's victory signaled to the Dominican government that the fake birth certificate racket which has enriched countless bureaucrats was up, and now that President Medina can't blame his inaction on Washington, the facts are laid bare: a criminal with a globalist agenda is in power in Santo Domingo, and he's not only exporting individuals with fake birth certificates, he's now openly helping these suspected criminals avoid deportation back to their native country in blatant violation of US law.

Manuel Noriega was taken out of power in Panama for exporting less danger to the Homeland than Mr. Medina. It may just be the case that President Trump needs to drag Danilo Medina out of the Vatican Embassy and put him on a one-way flight full of US Marshals.