President Trump Should Recognize ISIS Citizenship, Deport Children of Those Who Pledge Loyalty to Caliph

Although experts in the Pentagon calculate that the Islamic State will lose Mosul and Raqqa within 6 months, this doesn't mean that the group will dissolve, since it has territory and operatives in other parts of the Muslim world. The fight against ISIS will last for a generation and the concept of Islamic State citizenship has already been unleashed upon the world. 

Will his children receive ISIS pension if he's KIA?
Those who pledge loyalty to Caliph Ibrahim, as the head of ISIS bills himself, are considered citizens of the Caliphate by the radical group, and since those who pledge loyalty to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi before committing suicide are citizens of a foreign state killed while carrying out a sanctioned military operation, they are the legal equivalent of soldiers killed in action, and their children can be expected to receive active duty death entitlements. Even though ISIS is not always in direct control of all foreign plots, it generally sanctions successful attacks and it is difficult, often impossible, to discern if the attacks were sanctioned pre or post-mortem. 

When a US soldier, even if not a US citizen, is killed in action, his spouse or his children will be given a death gratuity payment. Even though ISIS in its current amorphous form is not capable of paying a death gratuity to the children of its operatives killed in sanctioned foreign operations, it can be expected that should they succeed militarily and continue as a stable territorial entity, they will eventually be able to pay a death gratuity to the children of those who died to establish the state.

Since it can be expected that the children of ISIS operatives killed in action will receive payment or have received payment from a terror state -- an enemy during wartime -- the laws of war mean that they must be treated as individuals entitled to privileged citizenship status in enemy territory who will receive, or have received, financial/material support.

The Caliphate media will make stars of the children of foreign martyrs, and they will grow up as targeted individuals who will need constant vetting by the Department of Homeland Security. 

President Trump shouldn't hesitate to deport the children of dual citizens who have pledged loyalty to Caliph Ibrahim; the risk to the Homeland is too great if they grow up in our midst.