Deep State Plotting Coup, May Install Mueller as Dictator

Coup planned years in advance? FBI
The United States was doused in gasoline under the Barack Obama administration, and Robert Mueller is a man who has decided to provide the spark that could set off a civil war in our era that will make the 1860s look like a carnage-free decade by comparison. 

It is now becoming increasingly clear that the Deep State and their lackeys in the corporate media will turn an unpaid intern into a supposed contact between top Republicans and the artificially-created Russian menace, despite all the evidence hinting at a larger plot to overthrow the will of the American people and implement martial law. 

As our nation faces the existential threat of nuclear war with North Korea, elements within the Republic plan to use the chaos to assassinate President Trump, initiating continuity of government protocols and ending life in America as we know it. 

Since his exit from office, former President Obama has worked dilligently to undermine a sitting president, breaking with tradition and essentially constructing a shadow White House right in the heart of DC. 

Lately, the war criminal George W. Bush has openly joined Obama by parading on TV while being presented in a positive light. In the event that President Trump is assassinated as the Deep State hopes, Bush and Obama will join a "constitutional transition committee" that will supposedly be tasked with returning America to democratic order but whose job will be to condition the masses to accept perpetual war and millennial tyranny.

The plan has been set in motion, and the globalists don't care how many people die if it means achieving their Machiavellian objectives.

There is now clear indication that Robert Mueller looks set to install himself as dictator of the United States, with support of the Deep State and the acquiescence of the corporate, globalist media.