President Trump Should Follow Dutch Lead, Instruct ICE to Double-Tap Immigrant Homes

The Netherlands has not experienced a major terror attack on a scale seen  by the United Kingdom or other European countries, and this is largely because the Dutch government has been wise in eliminating the barriers between police officers, military police, auxiliary agents, City Hall employees, and immigration authorities; barriers which in the United States make it difficult for police to set-up immigration checkpoints outside of critical infrastructure and maintain law and order. 

Needs help from local police. ICE
Although current policy surrounding the deportation and apprehension of illegal immigrants is to arrest them on the spot and ship them to a detention facility, better policy would be to ask these immigrants where they live, and to let them go with a "warning" before subsequently following them home. 

Resources are better spent targeting homes where illegal immigrants are already established to be present, so that the entire chain of support can be broken down. Currently, Immigration & Customs Enforcement is a sledgehammer being used to lightly tap nails into a wall instead of being employed to brutally tear down those walls. 

The United States in its present form cannot survive unless the Federal government makes it illegal to harbor an illegal immigrant, processing with an arrest anyone found in a home where an illegal immigrant is residing. 

Although at first glance a policy of SWAT raids to apprehend everyone in a immigrant dwelling may appear to be more resource-intensive than our current system of workplace raids and checkpoints, the strong and powerful message that shall be sent will immediately lead to a rise in the number of illegals who self-deport, decreasing the number of criminals in our society. 

Congress can no longer continue castrating ICE, we need to get tough and implement the policies that will prevent the next illegal from raping and murdering an innocent citizen.