Abreu Report Editor Announces Candidacy For Dominican Congress

The Dominican Republic enters a glorious new era. Jose Miguel Abreu de la Cruz has announced his candidacy to the Dominican Congress. He will serve as "Diputado de Ultramar."

Abreu is the grandson of Ramon de la Cruz, former mayor of Villa Altagracia. Don Ramon was much beloved by his people and is considered the best mayor Villa Altagracia has ever had.

Ramon de la Cruz died poor, proving to his townsfolk that he worked honestly and without personal interest. Jose Abreu has pledged allegiance to his grandfather's legacy... and he will die poor in service of his nation. 

Abreu has without reservations pledged to defend Sentence 168-13 and to strengthen the nation's borders. He will wholeheartedly obey and defend to the death the rulings of the Constitutional Tribunal.

Abreu is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Galician, Papiamento, and Dutch. He has lived in 9 different countries and will use his international skills to bring business to his native hometown of Villa Altagracia. 

Abreu Repot wholeheartedly supports the candidacy of Jose Abreu de la Cruz. We believe he will be a fine representative and that he will use his skills to bring prosperity to his people.