Could President Danilo Medina Be Executed as a Traitor for Signing Law 169-14?

Current Dominican President Danilo Medina is a traitor, who after signing Law 169-14 into place, may deserve to be legally executed through secret military tribunal.

By signing law 169-14 into place, Medina has directly betrayed the Constitution and carried out a coup d'etat against the Dominican Republic and its people. 

Make no mistake about it, Danilo is a traitor who in 2004 pledge allegiance to the United States, long before he was elected president. According to a leaked diplomatic cable, foreign "embassy officers raised directly with Medina the the need to coordinate Washington contacts in advance with the Embassy in order to assure appropriate attention and USG preparation for formal contacts." 

Medina is a fusionalist who does not respect the Dominican borderland and has willingly collaborated  with foreign governments to undermine the sovereignty of the Dominican state. 

By signing law 169-14 into place, President Medina sided with his foreign mentors and directly aided enemies of the Dominican Republic, opening the nation to unfettered immigration from individuals deemed "undesirable" by developed nations. 

President Medina's work has plunged the Dominican Republic into an abyss, and here at Abreu Report we wholeheartedly support that he be subjected to a secret military tribunal which can hopefully convict him and execute him for treason.