President of the Dominican Republic Plotting to Assassinate Abreu Report Editor-in-Chief

Plotting Assassination Attempt. Source
President Danilo Medina wants to kill me!

I am a thorn on his side because I have revealed evidence that he collaborated with the United States government before being miraculously elected president. 

Diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks reveal that Mr. Medina was complicit in undermining Dominican democracy, gaining help from the United States in being elected. 

Since Mr. Medina's rise to power, thousands of Dominicans have been murdered in what the police say were "muggings."

The Dominican Republic was one of the safest countries in the world before Mr. Medina's miraculous rise to power, yet now over 100 women are murdered per year, many of them opposed to his tyrannical regime.

Mr. Medina changed the Dominican Constitution to allow his "reelection" to power and, due to the country's history of fascist strongmen, we do not want anyone to aim for reelection after being chosen to the highest office in the nation.

Concerned about his tyrannical tendencies, CNN en EspaƱol wrote about the dangers of a Latin American fascist changing the Constitution and forcing himself upon the people. 

Make no mistake about it, President Medina will assassinate anyone who stands in his way. He is currently in possession of biological weapons, weapons which he has promised to deploy against Florida and other Caribbean locations.

Mr. Medina has decided to cling on to power no matter the cost. In the same way that the Soviet Union thought Fidel Castro was a lunatic for his willingness to destroy the world with nuclear weapons, so too should we fear Mr. Medina, a confirmed psychopath who is systematically killing his political opposition and has privately said, according to sources, that he's willing to use biological weapons against 600 million people. 

The New York Times wrote: " [The] 1962 crisis shows that a small, determined revolutionary state, backed into a corner and convinced of its inevitable demise, can bring the world to the brink of catastrophe."

Yes... the world is now at risk of a madman getting drunk and killing 600 million. Mr. Medina is alleged to have a drinking problem, and this is what makes the fact that he is in possession of biological weapons even more dangerous: in a drunken spite of rage, he may simply decide to exterminate the entire Haitian population.

World on the brink of war. Source
Mr. Medina and other members of his party believe that Armageddon is unavoidable and in the same manner as Castro, they think that we should fight "to the last day and the last man, woman or child capable of holding a weapon."

The Dominican Republic has already, under Mr. Medina's watch, stripped citizenship from 4 times as many Haitians as the Nazis did Jews.

We all know what happened to the Jews after the Germans stripped them of citizenship, and make no mistake about it, the same fate awaits the Haitian people. Historians may say that we are now in the early stages of World War III, with a small Caribbean nation once again holding the world hostage.