Coronavirus Outbreak: President Trump Should Follow Dutch Lead, Void Residence Permits for Individuals who Recently Married Chinese Nationals

Needed to prevent replacement of native population. NOS
As the deadly coronavirus spreads and nearly 60 million people are held in quarantine, it becomes increasingly apparent that many immigrants will eventually exploit this outbreak to game the asylum system in the Netherlands and the United States in order to avoid the deadly plague which they themselves have caused with their savage eating habits.

Make no mistake about it: the Netherlands is about to be invaded by an infected horde that threatens the very stability of the kingdom, and the US will soon follow. Experts estimate that millions will die, and at this critical stage of the crisis President Trump has no choice but to expand the Travel Ban and make sure that US citizens are protected from the recklessness of the Chinese and their European enablers. 

At this stage in history, there will be two types of men remembered: those who protected their homeland in the face of a pandemic and those who willingly caved over and allowed millions of their compatriots to die a slow and agonizing death. 

There is no other choice but for President Trump to void the Green Cards of any individual who has recently contracted matrimony with a Chinese national, or an individual from a country where coronavirus is spreading. 

Failure to void the residence permits of everyone who has recently married a Chinese national could see the US plunge into a recession as the economy collapses in the face of millions of individuals affected by an avoidable disease.

By: Johan van der Loop