Coronavirus Jihad: Spread of Deadly Virus in Italy Linked to Islamic Radicals

Empty supermarkets could lead to starvation. CNN
Europe has not faced a crisis as severe as the one it currently faces since the outbreak of World War II in 1939, with millions of lives now at risk. 

As Italian cities come under quarantine and panic buying empties supermarket shelves, authorities are scrambling to find the source of the outbreak which has also crippled China and South Korea.

Sadly, authorities have so far alleged that finding "Patient Zero" may be an impossible task, but the truth according to a source is that the Italian police has compiled a list of potential suspects who they believe were deliberately spreading coronavirus to unsuspecting citizens, all of them with suspected links to Islamic radicals. 

Indeed, the coronavirus represents an extraordinary new tool in the Islamic State arsenal, one that can be delivered cheaply and affect entire cities in ways that bombmakers could have only dreamt just months ago. 

As of this writing, individuals with ties to Islamic radicals are carrying the coronavirus around Europe, and there is nothing that can stop them from infecting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people. 

Intelligence indicates that the Netherlands is next on the Islamic State attack list, with the radical jihadis plotting to take advantage of the tension between Dutch Christians and the more than one million Muslims living in the low-lying country.

It is no accident that Shiite pilgrims in the holy city of Qom, Iran have been the most affected outside of Asia by this outbreak... they were targeted by undercover Sunnis who trickled in from Iraq, where the virus is also spreading prodigiously but surreptitiously. 

Although the elimination of the Islamic State as a territorial entity crippled their ability to project military force, it in no way affected the group's ability to carry out terror attacks.

Many Islamic radicals see the coronavirus as divine retribution against China for its treatment of Uighur Muslims, who have been randomly targeted and arbitrarily detained in internment camps by Chinese authorities for quite some time. 

"Hope 1000 Han die for every single Islamic tomb destroyed in Xinjiang," wrote one Jihadi over a Telegram channel often linked to the Islamic State, referring to satellite evidence that the government of Xi Jinping has been busy destroying the religious history of China's Muslim minority.