President Trump Should Follow Dutch Lead, Embed ICE Agent in Every Police Station in America

I recently lost my residence permit in the Netherlands and decided to make an appointment at the local police station to file a report before requesting a new one. I figured I'd go in, tell the cops I last saw it in my apartment, walk out with a police report, and quickly return to my business. To my initial dismay, the process took about an hour. 

After filing the police report, a man from the foreign police (vreemdelingenpolitie) dropped by and told me that he wanted to ask me some questions. 

"Who is Ms. X?" the foreign police officer asked. 

"That's my wife," I said.

"Who is Ms. Z?" that's my ex.

"Who is Ms. T?" that's my friend.

"No she's not," he retorted. 

"I'm going to recommend that they cancel your residence permit because you acquired it through your previous partner and have now contracted matrimony with a foreign national," he informed me. 

I don't really need a Dutch residence permit because my partner is Icelandic and I've since relocated here, but I thought it would be a nice souvenir to keep of my previous life with Ms. Z and Ms. T.

I miss the Netherlands, but what I miss most is the order and the very strong drive that Dutch people have when it comes to defending their country. 

Only thing preventing a terror attack. Source
I simply don't understand why in America it is considered politically incorrect to place an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent in every police station. The Netherlands has not experienced a terror attack on the scale that other European nations have, and it is largely due to the work of the vreemdelingenpolitie. 

In America, there's criminals being let loose in sanctuary cities who've gone on to rape kids and deal drugs on the streets of our nation, something that could have been prevented if every police station were mandated to keep an ICE agent on standby. 

Until a terror attack is carried out by a Jihadist released from a sanctuary city jail, America won't do what is necessary and follow the Netherlands' lead. America is the greatest country on earth, but us Americans still have much to learn from the Netherlands when it comes to preventing crime and protecting our citizens from predators.