Senator Tom Cotton Under Special Protection as Chinese Government Plots his Death

Targeted by the  communist Chinese. CCN
Senator Tom Cotton is in hot water after publicly going up against the Chinese government. 

As CNN reported -- Tom Cotton is playing a dangerous game with his coronavirus speculation -- highlighting the danger faced by the Republican Senator, who is very well playing against his life by publicly questioning the line of the Chinese Communist Party.

Mr. Cotton stated: "this virus did not originate in the Wuhan animal market. Several of the original cases did not have any contact with that food market. We don't know where it originated ... we also know that just a few miles away from that food market is China's only Bio Safety level 4 super laboratory that researches human infectious diseases. We don't have evidence that this disease originated there ... but we at least have to ask the question."

And yes, it is because Mr. Cotton asked that question that a target has been placed on his back by Xi Jinping, the head of the Chinese Communist Party, a genocidal maniac who is interning and cremating his own citizens. 

    Senator Cotton's office could not immediately be reached for comment as to the precautions he is taking to protect himself from being assassinated by the communist Chinese, but according to sources the Capitol Police speculate that he could be targeted by a biogenetic weapon.