Deep State Spreading Coronavirus to Force President Trump to Declare Martial Law

The Deep State has no compassion for the American people, and they are certain that Joe Biden will lose the elections to Donald Trump due to the fact that he has uplifted more Americans out of poverty in 3 years than the Democrats have since the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Even though radical leftists are openly spreading the virus, the liberal media accuses President Trump's supporters of threatening the safety of coronavirus bug chasers.

Make no mistake about it, there are certain elements withing the homosexual community who consider themselves "bug chasers," individuals who actively seek to be infected by AIDS.

The City of New York openly provides free housing, transportation, and nutrition for homosexuals who have been infected by the AIDS virus.

Coronavirus terrorism?
It is inevitable that Mayor Bill De Blasio will also decide to provide free housing for individuals who have been infected by the coronavirus, even if those individuals acquired that infection willingly as part of a plot to sabotage their lives and corrupt loyal American taxpayers.

In Colorado, radical leftists have already proclaimed that they plan to use coronavirus against the American people, without any consideration for how many could die, even if it's their loved ones.

The Colorado Republic Party has already called for the resignation of that vile politician who wants to kill American citizens, arguing: “there can be no room in our politics for wishing harm on Americans who have different political beliefs. Democrats in Colorado and across the country need to condemn this evil statement,” read the statement from Colorado GOP Executive Director Lx Fangonilo.

Don't fool yourself, liberals want to spread AIDS and coronavirus because they hate President Trump, no matter how many people die!

By: Daniel Webber