Dutch Royal Marechaussee Spreading Coronavirus as Part of Medical Martial Law Plot

Is the monarchic police out to kill you? Source
There's a reason why Dutch authorities are allowing the deadly and highly-contagious coronavirus to spread in the Netherlands: they see this as the perfect opportunity to fulfill a long-desired goal of declaring martial law and placing in large military camps anyone who disagrees with the monarchy, effectively sentencing many of them to a slow, agonizing death.

As reported by NL Times, there are currently over 2,000 infected in the Netherlands by COVID-19, as this new killer disease is scientifically known, with Prime Minister Mark Rutte telling people that they don't need to wear masks or take any other precautions beyond refusing to shake hands, despite the fact that he's still going around shaking hands.

It's already established fact that the Dutch government refuses to release the number of Marechausse police-soldiers who have been infected by coronavirus, instead preferring that they spread coronavirus in the nations' airports.

Although the average member of the Marechausse may be completely aware of this diabolical plot to kill thousands of people in the Netherlands in the hopes that an absolute monarchy can be restored, the upper echelons are fully complicit and may have been aware from the beginning that the coronavirus is a biological weapons released by either MI6 or the CIA, as per most reliable sources.

Sad to say, the Dutch elite have succeeded in their macabre plot to restore the Netherlands to its "former imperial glory," with many members of minority groups actively preparing to be rounded up and placed in military camps.

Although in the the US, Asian-Americans are already breaking taboos and arming themselves because violence has been promised upon them, people of Asian descent in the Netherlands do not have the right to arm themselves and will be like lambs led to the slaughter, and you can be certain that the soldiers in the Marechaussee will smile as they cremate their former fellow citizens of non-Dutch descent.

 By: Hans Klimt