As Predicted by Abreu Report in March of Last Year, Dutch Military Now Implementing Medical Martial Law in the Netherlands

In March of last year, when the coronavirus was becoming problematic in the Netherlands and most other Western countries, we received disturbing information from sources indicating that the Dutch Royal Marechaussee, the monarchic military police, were actively spreading COVID-19 on Dutch soil to justify a crackdown on dissent and usher in a new era of totalitarianism. 

What seemed impossible 11 months ago -- that large camps would be built to house dissenters -- is now being openly spoken about, with the German government recently declaring that groups of people were to be placed in "segregation" where they would be "permanently controlled by a guard service" under the guise of the Disease Prevention Act. 

For the first time since the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany, Dutch people now have to contend with a curfew that severely seeks to restrict their freedoms, with the Mayor of Eindhoven declaring that the country was headed for "civil war," a catastrophe that has been one year in the making.

Military riot tanks ready to enforce curfew! Alchetron
And indeed, the situation has become so severe on the streets of the Netherlands that, much to the surprise of no one keeping up with what we've written, the military has been deployed on the streets to crush down on citizens fighting for their freedom. According to NL Times, the City of Limburg has served as the test subject for this new era of militarized, medical martial law, with the Marechaussee being first deployed there to effectuate a severe crackdown on anyone protesting the recently imposed curfew. 

De Volkskrant further reported that the Marechaussee would be kept on standby, after having to to deal with people who were marching and shouting against the "dictatorship."

In the United States, the military is forbidden from enforcing civilian law unless a state of insurrection is declared by the president, or a state governor decides that a state of emergency warrants deploying the National Guard, with these restrictions being codified by the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. In the Netherlands, however, there is no legislation that mandates that a state of emergency or insurrection be declared before the military is deployed on the streets.

Deployed despite claims by PM. NOS
Although Prime Minister Mark Rutte today stood in front of cameras and declared that he was ruling out "calling in the army," this is a boldfaced claim distracting from the fact that the army is already on the streets and he never needed to call them in the first place, as any chief of police can ask for them to be deployed.

Since 2012, Article 4 of the Police Act has given the Marechaussee extraordinary powers to arrest civilians, including under the State Secrets Protection Act, going so far as allowing the military police unit to operate on foreign soil, as was the case with the investigation carried out in the Ukraine in regards to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. 

It is safe to say that the implementation of a curfew in the Netherlands and the deployment of the Marechaussee -- a military police unit which has been granted powers more commonly given to units in Middle Eastern dictatorships -- points to the birth of a new era in the Netherlands, one that will see it take a trajectory similar to Israel with its Yamam police force, a border unit comparable to the Marechaussee which was even allowed the authority to execute suspects on foreign soil without trial.