A Message to Anyone Who Collaborated with the Dutch

You're better off taking your chances with the Taliban than you are with the West. The people of the Netherlands see you as backwards animals who will endanger their society. When Dutch people think of brown people like you, they imagine savages who cannot "assimilate" to their society and who will represent a problem for them in the long term. 

To the Dutch, you are nothing but animals, and they don't care about your life; whether you live or die... it is inconsequential to them. Don't let the recent wave of propaganda deceive you, they never cared about you and they never saw you as anything but animals uncapable of assimilating to their society.

Make no mistake about it, the Dutch believe that their society is superior to yours, and that yours is inferiors to theirs. Along the same lines, they also believe that they are superior to you, and that you are inferior them. 

If you are reading this and residing in Kabul and deciding if to move to the the Netherlands, know that you're switching one oppressor for another. Your children will never have a normal life in the Netherlands, they will always be discriminated against in the workplace, and they will always be treated as outsiders. 

It is better to be an upstanding man in your own country than to be a despised outsider. Don't make the mistake of traveling to the Netherlands. You can be certain that the Taliban will be more fair to you than the Dutch; in the Netherlands you will be treated as a criminal and a savage. 

Don't be stupid enough to board a flight to the Netherlands under false promises!