Is Antifa an Al-Qaeda Associated Force?

The Pacific Ocean could soon burn with thermonuclear heat, as North Korea promises to conduct a nuclear test in the middle of the water. President Donald Trump could very well find himself in the Korean Demilitarized Zone when the bombs start flying, testing our nation in ways we can only begin to imagine. 

On the domestic front, as is typical during time of conflict, there will be opposition to the war effort, some of it virulent. Atypical, however, will be the way in which the enemy will be able to recruit in the Homeland, that is using new technologies once unimaginable even in science fiction films. 

Terrorist organization out to take down America? Infowars
Smart phones and encrypted apps will make it possible for North Korean agents to direct members of the anti-war crowd, who will be composed primarily of Antifa, a radical organization with loose ties to the Islamic State.

In the coming months, America could plunge into civil war, and Antifa will commit sabotage in the Homeland at behest of not only ISIS but also the Islamic State. There is absolutely zero probability that our enemy will not exploit the use of encrypted apps by Antifa while it furthers its anti-American goals. 

Should war break out on the Korean Peninsula, and if Antifa begins to sabotage the war effort, President Trump should not hesitate to label them an Al-Qaeda associated force just like ISIS in order to facilitate their military detention. 

Soon, the Supreme Court will determine the legality of military commissions in Guantanamo. It may very well be decided that they were not only legal, but that the President should use them on a more broad basis, even for individuals detained in the Homeland should it be determined they communicated with the enemy.

President Trump's Arrival in Demilitarized Zone Could Signal Start of World War III

Will Trump and Kim stare each other down? © AR
As President Donald Trump readies to visit South Korea next month, the North Koreans appear to be preparing for what could be the most hyped visit to the Demilitarized Zone since the end of the Korean War, when millions died and the fate of their remaining and divided relatives was decided. 

North Korea will likely soon go into its most frenzied state in history, awaiting a visit to the Demilitarized Zone by President Donald Trump, who will likely come accompanied by aircraft carriers and an armada of ships followed by nuclear submarines, circled overhead by nuclear bombers and the most advanced fighters jets on the planet. 

In the Demilitarized Zone itself, thousands of extra American and South Korean troops will be on heightened patrol, with a rotation of artillery and anti-aircraft weapons the likes of which the world has not seen since the start of the Second Persian Gulf War.

Advanced helicopters and drones will circle overhead to make sure that should North Korean troops start moving suspiciously or en masse during President Trump's visit, he can be evacuated quickly to a fortified bunker or flown out to an aircraft carrier.

It is possible that President Trump could stare down Kim Jong Eun himself, the heartless despot who rules over his starving people with an iron fist, creating what could be the most historical confrontation since Viking times.

President Trump's visit will see thousands and thousands of nervous men with their fingers ready to push the nearest red button or reach for the trigger, and even the slightest miscalculation could see thousands die within a matter of minutes.

Divine Providence: How Dutch Military Detention Upon Return from Korean Demilitarized Zone Convinced Me Trump was Doing God's Work

I went to Korea because this overwhelming pain in my heart kept telling me the peninsula could maybe in half a year no longer exist as we know it. It had been over half a decade since I'd last visited Seoul, and although things had changed, the city still felt like home; I knew that I would be heartbroken to see this placed burned to the ground by the North Korean artillery stationed just a short drive away.

The shovel is as a deadly as the atom bomb. © AR
During the most tense period between the United States and the renegade regime of Kim Jong-Eun, I decided to visit the Demilitarized Zone and take a tour of the infiltration tunnels built by Kim Il-Sung, the founding patriarch of the nuclear pariah state and Kim Jong-Eun's grandfather.

My 6 foot frame could scarcely squeeze through the tiny tunnels, it was pretty clear that even a soldier of around 5 feet would have to duck his head and keep his helmet in place to avoid severe head injury in the dark nooks and crannies of what some consider to be the most effective method to deliver a nuclear bomb into South Korea.

Kim Il-Sung believed that military infiltration tunnels were more important than nuclear weapons since they could be used to directly send soldiers into the home of the enemy. Kim Il-Sung ordered more than 20 tunnels to be built, and so far only 4 have been discovered. Although the primary objective of the tunnels is to "parachute" 10,000 special forces into enemy territory within the first hour of hostilities having commenced, a terrifying force which could murder and kidnap thousands of American nationals in the very center of Seoul and in broad daylight, the fear growing now is that a suitcase nuke will be ferried into the South after North Korea's missile and artillery capabilities have been eliminated.

An army of men carrying backpack nukes to poison South Korea. NKM

According to a military analyst studying Pyongyang's self-preservation strategy, Kim Jong-eun may only use a few of the infiltration tunnels available to his regime during the first stage of hostilities, hoping that smuggling a backpack nuke a week could convince the US and its allies that prolonging the war would lead to the nuclear destruction of the Korean Peninsula.

I flew out of Seoul with a deeper appreciation of the work done by US troops in keeping the North from storming past the Demilitarized Zone. During the whole flight I thought of nothing but the prospect that my friends could find themselves facing head on the worst conflict since World War II, when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were leveled with nuclear weapons. 

When I landed in the Netherlands, I quickly found myself in a military interrogation room. The told me my name had been placed on a military database, and that I had to spend the night in a cell. 

Inside the modern, spacious cell, I watched TV and tried to drink water in the hope that it would keep my blood pressure down. I was bleeding from the nose and the military nurse came in and told me I needed to go to the doctor after I was released into the civilian population in the morning. 

As I sat there waiting to leave, I became dizzy and a loud voice began thundering; a bright light forced me to close my eyes. The light felt more intense than the brightest Saharan sun. 

The voice told me that I needed to continue supporting President Trump, that the Kim regime was worse than that of Adolf Hitler's, and that a Third World War was written into prophecy.

I cannot discount that this revelation was simply the cause of my extremely high blood pressure and the great loss of blood, but after studying extensively the actions of Kim Jong-eun even against his own family, I have indeed become convinced that he is the Adolph Hitler of the 21st century, and that only President Trump can stop him from destroying the world entire in a nuclear holocaust. 

Should by surprise tomorrow President Trump drop a hydrogen bomb on Pyongyang while simultaneously carpet bombing Kim's artillery in the Demilitarized Zone with low-yield nuclear bombs, he will be doing the work of God and putting an end to the most evil regime that may have ever existed.

Source: Deep State Planted Shooters in Las Vegas

Civil war in our era? NBC
The Deep State struck again! The worst attack in American history has taken place, and the people are being lied to.

What do we know now? We know for a fact that there were multiple shooters in Vegas, that the Deep State has ruthlessly struck again, and that they will strike once more, even if it means civil war in the most powerful country in the world. 

President Donald Trump has worked tirelessly to keep Americans safe, and this latest attack is a product of the fear that Deep State actors have when it comes to continuing their reign of anti-American terror.

What do we know know at this moment? A source close to the police in Vegas has informed us that there were multiple shooters, that we're facing the biggest cover-up in American history. 

President Trump is under threat, the Deep State knows no humanity, they will kill 1000 if it means discrediting our Commander in Chief. 

As Americans, we must rise together and oppose the Deep State!