Afro-religious Rites Under Attack by Australian Nanny State Laws

United States law can be very strict on ayahuasca, with penalties possible for anyone suspected to be harvesting DMT for profit from the hallucinogenic cactus; use is generally only tolerated by members of the Church of Ayahuasca. I've seen ayahuasca for sale in Amsterdam, with a proper cactus plant finding a corner at a prominent cannabis seed store.
A medium for the beyond. Youtube

I've never tried ayahuasca, nor am I tempted to do so, because I have my own religious rituals here in Amsterdam. When my extended family and I meet, my uncles can be heard playing Dominican palo music on their traditional drums.

Part of our traditional religious rituals involve the use of a cigar, and although I always smoke during our family's religious rites, I never personally smoke outside of that, to me, sacred setting.

When I go buy a cigar, it is a simple transaction in the supermarket and the product comes with the same images which would be found in the original back home in the Dominican Republic. That simplicity is now under threat as Australia wants the World Trade Organization to force Dominican traditional tobacco rollers to soil their product with images of death.

While I cannot in good conscience deny the potential ill effects of excessive tobacco, my grandfathers are both in their 80s and partake with the family just the same.

Although we are a minority religion, we feel that Australian law is too excessive, and threatens to send a bad message to our kids about our ancestral traditions. The World Trade Organization could very well destroy a way of life for many Dominicans close to their Afro-religious roots.

By: Juan BF

Living With Chronic Kidney Disease While Young

I was 16 years old when I found out I had only one functional kidney and my mother's genetic disorder to boot. The same genetic disorder that had caused her own kidneys to fail at the age of 37, she had began her period and it just never stopped. Anemia followed and in the end it simply put too much strain on her body and her kidneys failed. 

Doctors were only able to stop the bleeding by removing her womb. Of course, my mother had two functional kidneys her whole life and here I was at 16 with only one. In fights with my mother over what it meant for my health I would often argue that I didn't bleed every month, so there was less strain on my body, and therefore my own kidney health would be better than hers had been.

I could not have been more wrong. Four weeks ago my blood test results came back with some rather disappointing news: my creatinine (a breakdown product in muscles that is filtered out of the blood by the kidney and is used to denote kidney function) was up to 3.0 from 2.2 just 6 months prior and my globular filtration rate (the overall estimated percentage kidney function) had gone down from 34% to 24%. 

My disease was progressing more quickly than I had anticipated in my youth or even a year ago, my kidney function had been stable for about a year and a half, which I attributed to all the exercise, drugs, supplements, renal diet, and "kidney healthy habits" I had been doing. All of that has seemed to stop working, my disease is getting worse, and I don't know why.

What is so strange about chronic kidney disease is that there are very few symptoms until things become really bad. It is quite easy to be in a state of denial about the whole thing until the very last stage of the disease, and even then not till the latter part of that stage. 

The only thing I experience that could be a symptom of my disease is frequent night cramps, but, for most people, that could be attributed to anything. 

So, every defining metric that I have to determine the progress of my disease are numbers on a page every 3 months... Numbers on a page that denote if I've been eating too much salt, protein, potassium, or phosphorus. Numbers on a page that make me worry and fret over what they mean and how to make them better. Numbers on a page that determine which medications I take and how often. Numbers on a page that make me not buy that hamburger, but skip the meal altogether. Numbers on a page that control so much of my life, when it could all be some big joke. 

I do not feel the effects of chronic kidney disease and so I have no way to be certain that I am actually sick. But I am sick, and getting worse, if the numbers are to be believed, and I am terrified of dialysis. 

It's not death that scares me; after all, as Epicurus said: "No rational being can fear a thing it will not feel." No, what I am scared of is worse than death. I'm scared of slowly wasting away in a chair for the rest of my life for 4 hours a day, three times a week. I worry that dialysis will rob me of my most basic autonomy; self-determination. Will I be able to travel anymore? Live in Japan again? Go to Jeju?

By: Huraibo

Dutch AIVD Agents Busy Cloning Mobile Devices Abroad

The AIVD, the Netherland's intelligence agency, has an extremely large pool of good-looking and law-abiding talent from which to recruit. Abreu Report has learned that the iPad of one of our writers was hacked by two AIVD agents after they very astutely left them with unfettered access to the device.
They'll train someone to hack your phone. WKM

The Dutch team was composed of a mother/daughter duo, with the younger one approaching our writer after they asked someone in the crowd to take their picture. The daughter asked for the password, which our writer found extremely suspicious, since anyone her age should have been able to pop open the camera by swiping up, but he decided it was a good idea since they were on a small island and she had nowhere to run. 

Once our writer confirmed that the "daughter" was herself using an iPhone, and he realized she should have been able to activate the camera without the device's password. Without appearing suspicious, he then began to inquire basic things so we could research if the mother/daughter duo was who they actually claimed to be.

Our writer's trip to Turkey took place some time ago, and in that time Abreu Report has traveled to the small town where the AIVD duo claimed to be from, even showing people to bartenders in the area and after paying someone to ask around town.

Yet we can now safely say that the identity of the two women was a complete cover story, and now it's no longer suspicious that they didn't really look very alike. 

We hired Apple technician to determine if the device had been cloned while in Turkey, and indeed it was. None of the financial data on the device was stolen, so whoever those two women were, they didn't want money.

Government-created Yellow Fever Outbreak to Serve as Justification for Mass, Mandatory Vaccination Campaign

As Abreu Report wrote less than two weeks ago, the United States Army believed there was an "entomological warfare gap" with the Soviet Union, and thus began heavily investing in the development of weaponized mosquitoes, with a series of yellow fever experiments conducted on unwitting residents of Georgia. 

Yellow fever, a deadly, mosquito-borne virus which destroys the liver of its victim and for which there is no cure, is mysteriously ravaging through Angola, where a large contingent of Chinese construction workers threaten to spread the virus to millions of people in Asia, where few people are vaccinated against the dangerous killer.

Since people traveling to Angola are required to prove that they have been vaccinated against yellow fever, the virus' voyage from Angola to China means that the Chinese nationals entering the country either faked their immunization certificates, or that the virus has mutated and the vaccine is no longer fully effective.

With the disease recently making its way to Namibia and to other African countries, the very real probability increases that we're not dealing with the same strain of yellow fever for which people are commonly vaccinated. 

The last time the United States suffered a major yellow fever outbreak, more than 13,000 people died, and the current economic calamity in Puerto Rico and the way the mosquito-borne Zika virus is spreading in the US commonwealth means that yellow fever will also likewise ravage parts of the US, potentially infecting hundreds of thousands of people.
Coming soon to America? StoptheCrime

Unlike Ebola, yellow fever is a far greater threat to the stability of global civilization due to the way the Aedes aegypti mosquito is nearly-impossible to eradicate. Yellow fever was always slated to make its way back to America, and once dying, yellow-skinned children are splashed on the screen by the corporate media, America will descend into panic, with a government crackdown on anyone who refuses to pump themselves full of vaccines. 

There's currently a yellow fever vaccine shortage, so the government will likely begin rationing the vaccine and forcing it on kids, with the supposed objective of preventing outbreaks in the nation's schools. The shortage will be used as a justification for making sure that school-aged kids are the first to get it, but one does have to wonder why governments around the world don't simply scale up production of the yellow fever vaccine; and the simple fact is that the eggs needed to create the vaccine need to be completely free of any disease, which is hard to certify in a flock of chickens, especially in this age of mass chicken culling due to avian viruses spreading like wildfire.

I'm glad I don't have kids in school, because anyone can see this coming a mile away: the feds have weaponized yellow fever and now anyone who refuses to get vaccinated will be labeled a threat to national security, with FEMA quarantine camps being set up to supposedly keep us safe from the mosquitoes.