Obama Provoking President Trump Into Placing Him Under House Arrest to Stoke Insurrection as 100,000 Soldiers Could March on Washington

Shadow president of the United States? YNW
Former President Barack Obama appears hellbent on setting off a civil war that could see him assume dictatorial powers after overthrowing the democratically-elected government of Donald Trump. Mr. Obama since leaving office has broken American tradition by aggressively working to undermine a legally-sitting president, creating a parallel government just miles from the White House and hijacking the intelligence community by going so far as withholding evidence that could be used to prevent the next terror attack.

Although President Obama and Hillary Clinton worked heavily to "enhance" diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and other terror-financing states, few in the media dared call out the Democrats for collaborating with regimes that essentially finance genocidal groups. Nonetheless, the mainstream media is now heavily working to portray President Vladimir Putin as worse than the executioners and financiers of Wahhabism in Riyadh in the hopes that it delegitimizes President Trump's successful aversion of nuclear war with Moscow, a given certainty considering Hillary Clinton's bellicose rhetoric and personal relationship with the military-industrial complex.

Likely having made plans for mass profit by waging a proxy war in Syria with Moscow, the military-industrial complex most certainly has decided to move the proxy conflict to the Homeland, forcing President Trump to deploy the National Guard near the border to prevent the shadow government from opening the floodgates to an invasion army masquerading as a Mexican liberation force.

Make no mistake about it, the intelligence community in the United States is now a renegade group operating under orders of former President Obama, and to prevent him directing the propaganda campaign which threatens to radicalize globalists and proponents of open borders into believing conspiracy theories that could materialize into fact. 

Obama is at this very moment directing an army against the government of the United States, and the only way that President Trump may be able to stop him is by declaring his birth certificate fake and letting the world know that a usurper was on the throne and is now commanding a fifth column of non-citizens who infiltrated at his behest.

The year is 1776 and the republic will soon be put on trial by fire, and in one thousand years, when all that is left of us is bones and ashes, people will read these words and study what we are seeing firsthand.

Dominican Government in Motions to Withdraw from Biological Weapons Convention

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Elements within the Dominican government have decided that their once sacred vow with Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek could be broken, thus depriving Taiwan of one of its most powerful remaining allies in the face of a rising China.

Increasing uncertainty among the Taiwanese elite has left them scrambling to preserve any alliance, no matter the cost, with unconfirmed reports that the government of President Danilo Medina has begun construction of bunkers in the satellite city of Villa Altagracia, 45 kilometers from the capital city of Santo Domingo.

It has been nearly 101 years since the United States invaded the Dominican Republic, and it could surprisingly be the rise of a strongman in Washington that compels Santo Domingo to acquire the means to kill 600 million people, a goal which has been publicly mentioned by high-ranking officials of a Caribbean island that could soon pose as big of a threat to the world as Havana did during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Reports are that the Dominican government has already stockpiled anthrax in sufficient quantities to wipe out the population of the entire Caribbean, lacking only at this stage the delivery methods to perpetrate such a crime against humanity. 

Microbial agents unleashed from Dominican labs are alleged to be currently crippling the Haitian population, although official reports are that it was United Nations peacekeepers responsible for spreading cholera around the island. Evidence indicates that the Dominican government has gone out of its way to weaponize the agents currently spreading among the Haitian population, with the ultimate objective being to deter a potential invasion by foreign forces as immigration authorities prepare plans to deport 250,000 individuals who once claimed citizenship.

President Trump is unlikely to intervene as the Dominican government implements the strictest immigration laws outside of Japan, but the next administration in Washington may not take too kindly to 250,000 former citizens having been deported from a Caribbean nation with a small army. 

The Dominican government knows that it needs the means to kill 600 million people in the event of a potential invasion, and it is likely that they have already given one man the codes and the authority to execute a megaholocaust.

At this moment in history, it may very well be impossible to stop the Dominicans from deporting former citizens of Haitian descent, and the world will have to decide if the mass stripping of citizenship and deportation of people offends human dignity and if another government can be allowed to do it again. 

Sadly, no one in the Dominican government will be punished, since everything is being done in accordance with Dutch law, and because they have decided that they will use biological weapons if it means their right to self preservation being questioned.

How Dutch Citizenship Laws Have Set the Stage for Third World War

Mass migration diluted the value of citizenship in the Netherlands to the extent that it is easier for the son of a Dutch citizen woman to move to Korea for work than to relocate to the country where his own mother can vote. In order for the 24-year-old son of a Dutch citizen woman to be granted a residence permit in the Netherlands, the mother must first establish that she has a job earning over 1500 euros a month. After age 25, the son of that Dutch citizen woman no longer has the right to live or work in the Netherlands, and is subject to deportation. 

Since the Netherlands is home to the International Criminal Court, any legal action undertaken by an authorized agent of the Dutch government/crown which is not ruled unlawful becomes, after a certain time, international legal precedent. When an authorized agent of the King of the Netherlands issues an order to the son of a Dutch citizen woman, the same order becomes lawful to issue in any jurisdiction outside of the country to the son of a citizen in that nation.

After the rise of firebrand ultra-nationalist politician Geert Wilders, Dutch authorities have sped up the deportation process for anyone in the country suspected of harboring plans to remain illegally, without any concern for family links.

The primary method by which the Dutch seek out illegal immigrants in the country is by sending immigration authorities to homes where foreigners are residing. Since foreigners are required to register at city hall within 3 days of arriving in someone's house, this means that merely being found inside of a home while not registered at city hall is evidence enough to declare someone in violation of city hall ordinance.

If you're a foreigner in the Netherlands and the police, for whatever reason, decide that they don't like you, they can send the foreign police to raid your home and issue a city hall ordinance violation for failure to register to anyone found inside. 

If the Netherlands were not part of the European Union, and if it were not home to the ICC, brutal immigration laws would be prudent due to the number of Moroccan nationals who commit citizenship fraud.

Sadly, it was only a matter of time until Dutch immigration authorities found someone inside of a house that was the son of a citizen, who had legal status in another European Union country, and who was not illegally in the country. 

That person is our editor Jose Abreu, who in 2013 was given a 90-day exit order to Spain for suspicion of not registering at city hall after 3 days of being in a home. Mr. Abreu is a US citizen who can now argue, with no international lawyer that can challenge him, that it is lawful to deport the children of citizens to countries where they don't hold citizenship even if they're not in a country illegally.  

The source of the King's power. © Abreu Report
As Mr. Abreu is currently residing legally in the Netherlands sponsored by his German partner, this means that he can also make the legal argument that a foreign national with a high-paying job should be given sponsorship priority over a pregnant citizen who does not meet certain income requirements.

Since it is unprecedented for someone to defend their deportation proceedings from the country where their mother is a citizen, there is simply not a legal system in place for the government to retroactively invalidate a deportation order, and this means that Mr. Abreu, should he be given the power to decree immigration law in a foreign nation, then those decrees will carry essentially the same power as the King of the Netherlands.

If Mr. Abreu were to rise to power in the Dominican Republic, to be stripped of his ability to decree immigration law with the same legitimacy as the King of the Netherlands, it would require the Dutch Crown delegitimizing itself, or the International Criminal Court performing a judicial coup d'etat in the Netherlands, thereby establishing a system of judicial review for the country's immigration laws.

If tomorrow the United States became signatory to the ICC, the Netherlands became a republic and retroactively granted Mr. Abreu citizenship, WWIII could very well be averted. 

However, what will happen is that President Trump will implement the same immigration laws as the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic will deport 250,000 former citizens, and in the process a violent breakup of the world will take place.

The future isn't written, but I don't see much of a future unless the ICC is relocated to a place where no son of a citizen is illegal. Hundreds of thousands of Americans had to die for the bondage of people born on US soil to end, and millions of people may likely die so that one day our descendants look back to a time when human beings were illegal.

When the flames of civil war are extinguished in the United States and people ask why a Yale graduate who was given a deportation order from the country where his mom is a citizen decided to help Trump rise to power, let them say that it was for the same reason Abraham Lincoln went to war: he saw something that he decided needed to end, no matter the cost.

It used to be that when you arrived in America your name, your birth certificate, and your legal status were as important as your old identity; you kept it only if you wanted, and it wasn't supposed to matter. America must be set back on the right path, even if it means a trial by fire.

Globalists Prepare for Postbellum America as DHS Readies Civil War Plans

America riding on path to destruction? Youtube
The Department of Homeland Security, busy stockpiling bullets by the truckload since the early Obama administration, has finalized plans for waging a years-long war against the American people. The country's top emergency planners now see the writing on the proverbial wall as radical groups increasingly prevent the federal government from enforcing immigration law in so-called "sanctuary cities." 

Groups funded by billionaire George Soros are simply no longer just rioting and destroying American property while injuring cops; the public objective now is to delegitimize the authorities by denying them access to entire neighborhoods. Although former President Obama deported millions of people, the alarmist press is openly selling the false narrative that President Trump is overreaching, when he's not setting up checkpoints outside of supermarkets to deport the children of citizens, as some countries in Europe have lately been forced to do with the threat of homegrown Islamofascism promising to destroy everything the people have built.

While unassimilated, aggressive youths plan for Jihad in the heart of Europe, illegal immigrant gangs affiliated with MS-13 unleash their designs for taking on the federal government inside of the Homeland. Wanted fugitives have been apprehended at a rate that President Obama simply did not have the fortitude to go along with, but people today want to live in a safe society where everyone follows the same rules, where an underclass does not openly pretend to decide the future of a pluralistic, democratic society which they did not found. 

Although imperialism has had a white Christian face since 1492, when Columbus landed in what is today the Dominican Republic, one cannot forget that the South of Spain itself was for centuries but a colony of Morocco, and that it was in 1492, with the end of Moroccan domination in southern Europe, that white imperialism began. The world has changed, and we must simply accept that imperialism in all forms destroys the magic of the world, its uniqueness, and in 1000 years, when all of the world's problems have been solved, our descendants will study the European cultures that we are currently killing with the same sadness that they will study global warming and species extinction. 

In the same way that many Europeans landed in America escaping religious persecution due to their contrarian radicalism against their respective crowns, so too are persecuted Muslims landing in Europe peacefully and with good intentions, but the history books in 300 years will say that the early 21st century was a lot like the early 16th century. The history books of the future will say that simple, exclusionary cultures were replaced to create a great multi-cultural society, but the facts are the facts: magic is being destroyed through imperialism. 

Will the world be a better place if the United States looks like Mexico in 70 years? Most likely the world is going to be a better place no matter what the US or the EU look like in a few generations. However, the people have decided that they want to preserve their heritage, that they don't want uncertainty in 70 years, even if that means civil war today. 

There cannot be hyphenated Americans in 70 years, there can only be Americans, and the 8 million people that President Trump will deport are the elimination of that hyphen. A domestic resistance will form, especially if the country goes to war with Iran and the global economy collapses, and the way to bring an end to that skirmish will be by declaring that no human being inside of US soil is illegal, even if that means closing the country off completely to anyone coming in who could be suspected of harboring plans to stay.

There exists two Americas today, and they hold irreconcilable beliefs on the status of a human being inside of the US. All the signs point to a violent process for reconciliation, yet I have no doubt that President Trump will successfully manage the helm of DHS until the the coming Constitutional Convention determines what America will look like for centuries to come.