DHS Actively Hiring COINTELPRO Agents to Infiltrate 2nd Amendment Groups

In October of last year, I casually received information from a friend in DHS who informed that massive plans were being drawn up against Mark Kessler, the police chief of Gilberton, Pennsylvania. At the time, I wrote: "Simply put, they're afraid that towns which have a demographic similar to Gilberton will all fall under militia rule. The prospect that DHS may be forced to confront the residents of Gilberton, Pennsylvania increases with each passing day... . The economy is putting pressure on the American people, and even the chiefs of police are on the verge of revolt."

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I published that article in good faith, based on the words of someone who had given me truthful information in the past. However, it now seems that Chief Kessler is not who he fully pretended to be in his videos; he himself was involved in a federal plot to infiltrate Second Amendment groups, patriot groups, and other militia groups.

In a recent radio interview, Mark Kessler told Alan Colmes of Fox News that he was "sent out to get the worst of the worst." Kessler says he was shocked when he learned about the situation with the Sovereign groups.

"I couldn't tell anybody. I couldn't say a word about the operation, it was bigger than me. I saw an opportunity to advance my police career and I took it."

Kessler says he conducted undercover work around the country, something he always wanted to do, saving lots of lives in the process. Kessler says he was approached by a member of a militia with 300 members who told him that he was going to have to start killing cops. Kessler allegedly took that information to his Federal handlers, saving the lives of police officers.

Kessler also confessed to not believing anything he was saying in his videos, not even the part of hating "libtards" and wanting to shoot paper targets. "It was bigger than me," he said. Kessler says he was not paid, but that he was reimbursed, given travel expenses by certain governmental law enforcement agencies that he cannot disclose because some cases are "still pending, still being investigated."

Kessler says that thousands and thousands of people came to him, and that it was his job to determine whether they were members of a dangerous group, seeking to do anything violent. Kessler can finally disclose his involvement with the federal government because he is no longer working with them, but that the time will come for him to do so.

Kessler says that as a law enforcement officer his job was not to go after libtards, but to go after insurrectionists. He says he helped prevent a plot to bomb a federal building by a Georgia-based XXX Minutemen group and that he also took down some "Lone Wolves, militia-wanna-be terrorists." The individuals searched Kessler out, and the Feds used him as bait to draw these people out.

Alam Colmes said that Kessler had made some of the most shocking claims he's ever heard. Indeed, I'm also shocked, because it can't be a coincidence that I would be getting fed information about how the Federal government was going to go after one cop's "militia" in small-town Pennsylvania, while he was also feeding information to the feds.

It is now clear that the Obama administration is busy hiring individuals to go after 2nd amendment groups. 

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ISIS in Possession of Fighter Jets, Plotting to Sink Cruise Ship

ISIS propaganda video
Just today, the Islamic State, the terrorist army currently wreaking havoc across the Middle East, shocked the world by revealing that it is in possession of at least three operational Soviet-era MIG-21 and/or MIG-23 fighter jets. Though many people have been led to believe by the Western media that these jets do not represent a major risk to the safety of Americans because their age makes them obsolete, we forget that many American jets are just as old if not older, and that the Soviets gave the world the ubiquitous AK-47, a weapon which is on the flag of some nations.

It would indeed be relatively easy for an F-35 to shoot down any Syrian MIG, but this may not be feasible in today's political climate, lest it lead to a major increase in hostilities. Though the Turks and the Israelis have in the past couple of years shot down Syrian jets, the American-led Coalition against ISIS may not be as willing to shoot down one, two, or three Syrian jets, as no one knows at which point the Syrian regime would retaliate and escalate. If one jet is shot down, Assad is likely to play it cool, but if three jets were shot down at the same time, it could be seen as the start of an outright war.

During the Libyan uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, some members of his air force defected and took their jets to Malta. At the time, it was reported: "Two Libyan fighter jet pilots landed in Malta yesterday claiming to have escaped the country after being asked to bomb protester civilians in Benghazi." The pilots arrived on Mirage F-1 planes and requested asylum.

If ISIS manages to somehow transport its jets into a place that allows easy access to the sea [MIG-23 has a range of up to 2,800km,] and to launch them under false Syrian flags into open waters, it may be very difficult for foreign forces to shoot down what is apparently one of Assad's planes. Though most experts believe that ISIS could fly its MIGs at low altitude in order to avoid radar detection, the fear is that these jets get into the Mediterranean.

We are not sure what kind of transponders ISIS has in its possession, nor is it clear to what extent they have infiltrated the Iraqi and Syrian air forces, but if foreign forces cannot distinguish between ISIS jets and Syrian jets, we may find ourselves in a situation where Syrian pilots cannot easily or successfully defect from Assad's claws. 

Worse, we may create a situation where trigger-happy pilots may shoot down any MIG that fails to identify itself in time, leading to a full-blown war between Syria and the West. If ISIS is lucky enough to carry out an operation not just above one of its cities, but also in open waters, then there is a very real probability that a lucky shot could lead to a ship being sunk, potentially plunging the region into a deeper war by inviting a bigger international response.

Viral Recombination on the Verge of Rupturing Gates of Hell

In 2009, a pig handler in the Philippines was discovered to be afflicted with a mysterious virus, and testing would eventually conclude that he was infected with Ebola Reston virus -- the airborne strain of the Ebola family. The NY Times reported: "The development is worrying, because pigs are mixing vessels for other human and animal viruses, like flu, and because it shows that pigs may also be able to transmit the lethal strains of Ebola."

At the time, we were reassured that pigs transmitting Ebola Reston wasn't a serious concern because: "Humans do not carry other members of the filovirus family that could mix with it, the way that influenza strains from birds, pigs and humans can swap parts of genes." Dr. Thomas G. Ksiazek, a pathogens specialist at the University of Texas Medical School in Galveston, reassured the NY Times that: "It’s probably a rare event that pigs get infected. It hasn’t led to a past catastrophe. We’d know about a catastrophe."
This year, however, has been the year of the filovirus catastrophe. While the world's attention is currently focused on the outbreak of Zaire Ebola in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone -- and with the national security implications that it poses for developed countries -- little attention has been paid to outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Uganda.

The current outbreak in the DRC is a different strain than the one ravaging West Africa. The outbreak in Uganda is of the Marburg virus, in what is perhaps the most troubling development. One month before the outbreak of Marburg was confirmed in Uganda, Abreu Report highlighted the danger that Marburg virus represents: "Some scientists fear that many cases of Marburg are currently being misdiagnosed as Ebola, leading some to fear that arthropods may be partly responsible for the current filovirus outbreak. One single mutation in the filoviruses -- that would make arthropods natural reservoirs for filoviruses -- would lead to the decimation of the global human population; as many as 400 million people could die in the first year alone."

While one can only hope that some extreme mutation doesn't allow arthropods to become natural reservoirs for one of the current filoviruses ravaging Africa, it is already pretty apparent that some domesticated animals are transmitting to humans. Just yesterday, the Spanish government caused outrage when it "obtained a court order to euthanize the dog belonging to a nurse who contracted the Ebola virus in Madrid, saying that available scientific knowledge suggests dogs can transmit the virus to humans."

One can only be content with the knowledge that the nurse in Spain did not
come into contact with pigs and other livestock, because it would have led to mass euthanasia of those animals, something which the West African governments afflicted by this current pandemic cannot do, less they exacerbate a famine in their countries. It is already apparent that Ebola is to become endemic in West Africa, and that many animals are carrying the virus.

It is only a question of time until Marburg, Ebola Reston, Zaire Ebola, and one of the other three strains of Ebola come together in one single animal. Though the NY Times reassured us in 2009 that a catastrophe could be averted because humans are not harbors of many different filoviruses, this could quickly change. With each new farmer that becomes infected with Ebola or Marburg, do we come closer to opening the doors to the viral stable of hell. At this point, nature is playing genetic Russian roulette, with each spin of the cylinder potentially firing a bullet with enough power to cause a mass-extinction level event that could end life as we know it.