Radical Jesuits Plot Vicious Trump Takedown as Vatican's Plans Collapse

Ready to destroy the world if domination plans fail. YNW
Pope Benedict XVI didn't resign; he was the victim of a coup d'etat at the hands of Jesuits who now hold a militant-level of control over the Vatican. 

Allegations have been shared in intelligence circles that the most militant elements within the Jesuit Order took it upon themselves to gather compromising evidence with which to force Pope Benedict XVI to hand over control of the Vatican to a Jesuit. 

Today the Jesuits see their open border goals in jeopardy due to the rise of Donald Trump, and Pope Francis has begun to ratchet up the rhetoric, decrying populist politicians when he himself has used populism to restore the image of the Church in the wake of pedophilia scandals and subsequent cover-ups.

Although counterintelligence operatives with connections to the Vatican have exhaustively attempted to find dirt on President Trump, their work has been in vain. When operatives tied to the Vatican are unable to find confession-intel to bring down a target, then more brutal methods must be utilized. 

Should the Jeff Sessions Justice Department choose to aggressively go after some of the individuals linked to the Haitian child-trafficking ring run by Jesuits out of the Dominican Republic, it could very well lead to  trained Vatican operatives assassinating President Trump even if it sparks what could eventually finalize in the Apocalypse. 

After Donald Trump's almost divine upset this past November, the Clintons, Henry Kissinger, and other members of the globalist elite began to prepare for what could be one of the bloodiest chapters in American history, a period that may see exponentially more citizens dying than the Civil War.

While most Americans studying the infiltration of pernicious foreign influence into the republic focus on George Soros and his Black Lives Matter radicals, little attention has been paid to Pope Francis and the micro-state which he rules over as absolute monarch that enables him to decide the fate of as many people as Caliph Ibrahim of the Islamic State dreams of eventually controlling.

An army of Mexican Catholics already serves effectively as a Fifth Column for the Vatican, and the right events and commands by the Pope could activate them to riot and bring down President Trump. Vatican infiltration of the United States government may be a more serious threat to national security than infiltration by the Islamic State.

Alex Jones Struck by CIA Anthropomorphizing Gun

Left green and alive to send a message. Reddit
The CIA was forced to blow the lid on its poison development objectives in the 1970s after the number of assassinations they were carrying out began to threaten not just the stability of banana republics, but also that of Washington itself.

Mr. Jones, the owner of Infowars, a website that has been a thorn on the side of the New World Order for many years, was halfway through a 72-hour special radio show when he suddenly began to convulse, with his skin quickly turning green before paramedics could arrive on the scene. 

According to conspiracy writer Paul Joseph Watson, who has taken over Infowars in Mr. Jones' absence, doctors are unable to identify the reason for the quick anthropomorphic conversion which the renegade radio host underwent.

Sales of Super Male Vitality and other human enhancement products gawked by Mr. Jones' internet store have seen a dramatic drop, but Mr. Watson assures his readers that no other heavy user of Infowars pharmaceuticals has experienced anthropomorphizing symptoms.

Some speculate that the success enjoyed by the CIA with Project MK-NAOMI and the development of its dart gun, or "nondiscernible microbioinoculator," was followed with subsequent biological weapons experiments in the New York City subway to change the gender of some of the city's inhabitants.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was just a cover for Project MK-TEMUNITU, with the CIA successfully developing the ability to turn a grown, heavy Texan man into a green, anthropomorphic frog.

The CIA's latest attack against a private citizen inside of the United States just goes to show the depths to which they will sink, and their animalistic takedown of Mr. Jones sends a direct message to President Trump: should he continue stepping on the toes of the globalists, he will be anthropomorphized. 

Divine Providence: How One Immigration Checkpoint Convinced Me to Do the Work of Putting Trump into Power for Free

I owe everything to the police in the small, artificially-constructed island of Ijburg, just outside of Amsterdam! The two years that I spent in Amsterdam were dark years for me; I was living in sin, partying heavily, and wantonly disobeying city hall regulations.

Here in the Netherlands, foreign nationals are supposed to go to their local city hall to register within 3 days of moving into an apartment, and although my mom is a Dutch citizen and I have legal status under her here in the European Union, anyone can be deported for disobeying this ordinance. 

When I was pulled over on my bicycle outside of the Albert Heijn supermarket late one October night in 2013, I expected to just get a fine. But I had forgotten my ID, and since I was born in the Dominican Republic, this meant that the officer who pulled me over had to presume that I was an illegal Dominican and that there were more in my apartment. 

The officer was kind enough to not give me a fine -- and I'm forever grateful because my financial situation at-the-time meant that I was spending most of my money on beer and was nearly broke -- but he didn't remind me to register at city hall. 

Within a week, the foreign police came by my house knocking, looking for illegal Dominicans. They put me in the back of a van and fingerprinted me before putting me into a fishbowl for an hour. Then I was given a letter telling me that I had to go back to Spain for 3 months. 

It was one of the most embarrassing afternoons of my life, but at the end of the day I had simply been given one of the most powerful documents on the planet. My mom is a Dutch citizen, I'm not a Spanish citizen, I was the victim of a racially-motivated attack in Spain before leaving, and I was not in the Netherlands illegally when I was given that deportation order.

Since the Netherlands is home to the International Criminal Court, I don't see how anyone could argue that another country is breaking the law for doing the exact same as the Netherlands did to me: deporting the non-illegal son of a citizen to a country where the deportee does not hold citizenship and has been the victim of a prior attack motivated by his ethnicity.

It happened to me and because it happened to me I have the power to make it legal by simply defending it and saying it was the right thing. 

Although it was painful for me to deal with what happened, the month before, in September of 2013, the Dominican Republic's Constitutional Tribunal had issued Sentence 168-13, declaring that anyone born on Dominican soil to non-citizens all the way back to 1929 was not a Dominican national. 

After 168-13, the DR was heavily maligned, but what had happened to me in the home of the International Criminal Court was worse, since I came here at 24 and was told that I could not have a residence permit because my diabetic mother did not have a job making 1500 euros a month, a requirement not mentioned on the government's immigration website and which I unfortunately wish I had known before I made the decision of coming here.

I was a heavy drinker and an atheist up until Trump won, but I just knew he was going to win. Something just gave me the power to stop drinking, and Trump's victory happened exactly as I learned it would happen in the fishbowl of the Dutch immigration police. 

Yes, I, an atheist, had a revelation about the future inside of a deportation cell. I was fully sober when the foreign police picked me up in my underwear, I had just woken up, so I attributed the revelation to a small arachnoid cyst in my left temporal lobe, the God region of the brain, and the intense stress of being incarcerated and not knowing what fate awaited me. It was the first and only revelation I've had, and up until Trump won I saw it as nothing more than a pre-epileptic attack. 

She gave Trump the job. VCM
During this revelation, or temporal lobe stress overload, the Virgin of La Altagracia appeared before me and told me that I had just made a blood covenant with the King of the Netherlands, and that I had gained some of his power: to restore not just the DR and America, but also the land of Israel.

I had a cut in my hand when I was fingerprinted; there is blood on that document. 

When I was a student at Yale University, I had a website which Alex Jones discovered. The man who put Trump into power came looking for me in 2008, and I shed blood one month after the decision was made to save the Dominican Republic from becoming a voodoo-majority nation.

I can no longer say that I'm an atheist, and as a man of science I have to accept that I was born with that pressure in the God region of my brain, and that because I was born with it, I was born to have the revelation. 

I can't say whether I have accepted the revelation as anything more than mild epileptic stress, but I have accepted the blood and the power of the document.

I believe Trump was the man sent to end the war and build the Third Temple. 

Soros-linked Agitators Force Dominican-Haitian Border Crossing to Close

Shutdown increases military tension. AlMomento
Tension is once again running high on the island of Hispaniola after Dominican immigration authorities denied entry to a Haitian mother and her Dominican-born children. According to the digital portal AlMomento, an official with Haitian immigration is responsible for directing the blockade, alleging that he won't allow the crossing to open until the children with Dominican birth certificates are allowed to enter Dominican soil. 

The large-circulation newspaper Listin Diario further reported that the Dominican government had increased the number of troops near the border in the hope that a response could be ready should a stampede be attempted as is often the case in some other border crossings around the world, especially in Spain's North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

Although Spain's North African cities are heavily-fenced, large numbers of people occasionally attempt to overwhelm security, with the fence merely decreasing the number that make it through. 

Since the Dominican Republic essentially has an open border with a failed state, this means that what's happening now is political and directed not just by a determined Haitian immigration official who has decided that the DR should have birthright citizenship like the United States, but authorized and funded by larger forces.

Guy Philippe, the rebel warlord recently extradited to the United States on drug trafficking charges, is rumored to be serving as the muscle-provider for the recent uprising, with his supporters having decided to wreak havoc at all levels of Haitian and Dominican society.

Mr. Philippe's absence may just have sped up the inevitable, and President Obama appears hellbent on unleashing Clinton Foundation plans for the island of Hispaniola: to erase the border and create a large sweatshop that markets itself as an exporter of misery and neediness, much to the financial benefit of the Clintons and George Soros.

The anger felt on the Haitian side of border will be felt again, especially with the ascent of Donald Trump, whose State Department will be more tolerant of Dominican plans to implement tough immigration laws, and it won't take much of a spark to set off an avalanche of chaos that could lead to all-out war between the fastest-growing economy in Latin America and the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

The war will be bloody, and it won't be fought by regular forces. Civilians will happily do most of the killing for free. On both sides.