Locked Up Over 36 Euros; Immigrants Decry Debtor's Prison in The Netherlands

It's the 21st century, but some elements of Victorian England are alive and well in The Netherlands, where people must "pay the fine right there" should they commit an offense.

I bought a 24-hour tram pass to ride around Amsterdam for a day, hoping to say I saw the entire city and got to know the layout. It was my first time leaving my small city in the South of Spain, and I was amazed at what could be accomplished with nothing but bricks.

After hours of taking inane pictures of life passing by a tram window, I arrived at Central Station in search of a bathroom. I was in a rush and without giving it much thought, ran into a bathroom inside of the nearest train. The train took off, and immediately I heard a knock at the door. A police officer patrolling with a group of train cops were outside waiting for me, asking me why I was using the bathroom while the train was stopped.

I told the policemen that I had a 24 hour tram pass, that I had been riding all day and that I arrived at the station and needed to urgently use the toilet, that I would just continue riding the tram.

The policeman decided to use my words against me, telling me aggressively, "you were riding around all day!"

The cops dragged me out of the train and made me stand on the platform to try and charge me for "riding black."

The officers made me stand on the train platform and demanded that I fork over 36 euros because I was "not registered at City Hall." My card had demagnetized earlier that day and I only had 20 bucks on me and they refused to mail the fine to my residence in Belgium, they decided to take me into custody because I couldn't pay on the spot. 

I spent the night in a jail cell until I was able to get bailed out in the morning, learning a very important lesson about life in The Netherlands: you shouldn't visit unless you can pay the fine right there.

Documents of Foreign Nationals Suspected of Crimes Should be Destroyed

America is seen as the holy grail of drug dealing for a large number of Latin American criminals, who immediately upon swimming across the border start dealing smack on our children's playgrounds. Many of these individuals come to the US and commit crimes expecting, should things go sour with the authorities, that their possessions will be returned to them. The Donald Trump administration should strive to completely eliminate that notion. 

In the Netherlands and in other progressive European countries, foreign nationals are required to provide the "address where they're staying" when they're about to file police reports, or the name of a lawyer they've spoken to asking if they could file a police report. In the United States, foreign nationals in sanctuary cities are often allowed by leftist radicals to tie down police resources by filing frivolous police reports that will delay a deportation, and very often these illegals are not even required to provide the address where they're staying or the name of their lawyer. 

The fate that should befall those who break our laws
President Trump should encourage Congress to enact legislation that forbids foreign nationals from filing police reports without providing the address where they're staying, thus hindering Immigration and Customs Enforcement from locating these individuals and apprehending those who shelter them.

There is absolutely no justifiable reason for an illegal alien to file a police report without giving ICE the means to find him and discover if there are other illegals in the house. When apprehended, all of the documents in possession of illegals or found in the house should be promptly destroyed after a warning letter is sent to a lawyer they've spoken to.

America simply will not survive unless it cracks down on illegals who refuse to assimilate to our laws and way of life.

Fears of Deep State Plot to Provide ISIS with Weaponized Plague

Coming to the shores of Africa?
More than 2,000 people have been infected with the plague over the past couple of months, with scores dying and international fear growing that the Medieval scourge could go global after falling into terrorist hands.

Security experts see it as a very real possibility that former members of the Somali terror militia Al-Shabaab, who have now allied themselves with the Islamic State, are in the process of acquiring samples of this new deadly strain of the plague.

As is often been the case with weapons desired by the Islamic State, the Central Intelligence Agency has been more than willing to furnish advanced weaponry, often for free. There is a very real probability in the coming weeks that members of the Deep State will satisfy the blood thirst of the Islamofascists and provide ISIS with the means to spread the plague on an industrial scale, killing thousands of innocent people. 

The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a bulletin warning about the danger of weaponized drones against targets in the Homeland, and the implicit threat was made that they could be used to deploy biological weapons. 

Once the plague hops over from Madagascar to mainland Africa, it will become extremely easy for terror groups to mount glass jars full of infected blood on commercially-available drones, and a simple bottle falling from the sky may one day become as horrifying a sight as a missile falling on a crowd of civilians.

If World War I is best remembered for trench warfare and chemical weapons, World War III will likely be remembered for drones and biological agents,.

Robert Mueller Reported to be a Secret Muslim

Mullah Mueller promoting Islamofascism?
America has been infiltrated at the highest levels, with even former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan reported to have converted to radical Wahhabism during his time working the Saudi Arabia station. 

It's not a surprise to most Americans that under the guidance of Director Brennan, the CIA was utterly incompetent when it came to crushing what President Barack Hussein Obama himself described as a "JV squad," but with the ascendance of President Donald Trump, a man who does not yield to radical Wahhabism, the Islamic State JV squad has shattered into a thousand pieces, reduced to a shadow of its former self. 

Despite the progress made against the most existential threat facing the United States, ie the rise of radical Islam, one man is working overtime to undo the progress and once again plunge parts of the Middle East into the Dark Ages: Robert Mueller.

Since being handpicked by the Deep State and with personal approval of former Director Brennan himself, Mr. Mueller has worked tirelessly to undermine the will of the American people by fabricating allegations against our Commander in Chief. 

Sources close to Director Brennan allege that Mr. Mueller has been spotted praying to Mecca along with other high ranking members of President Obama's intelligence community, indicating that he has converted to Islam and may no longer share the same beliefs as the majority of freedom-loving Americans. 

According to reports, Mr. Mueller -- or Mullah Mueller as he's referred to in whispers by people aware of his association with Wahhabism --  sees President Trump as the biggest threat to the continued expansion of militant Islam throughout the world, and is seeking to undermine him even if it means plunging the United States into civil war. 

Make it no mistake about it, the Deep State is desperate and its agents are affiliated with radical Islam and they are agitated seeing their Islamic State project collapsing; we may see a false flag attack carried out by globalist agents of Saudi or Yemeni background that plunges the United States into the biggest conflict it has seen since World War II.