Soros-funded Agitators Swarm Altar of Dominican Fatherland After Country Announces Plan to Return to Gold Standard

Soros will kill to prevent this. WKM
Reinaldo Pared Perez, President of the Dominican Senate, and a man who has promised to return the once-prosperous Caribbean island to the gold standard, recently decried to the media that "internationally-funded NGOs" were working to destabilize his country and plunge the economy into chaos.

Mr. Pared Perez, who has announced his desire to run for president in 2020, also previously declared that his administration would return the country to the gold standard, cutting off the bloodsucking international money lending cartels.

Before the American invasion of 1965, when thousands of US Marines descended on the Dominican capital and prevented the return of the democratically-elected government of Juan Bosch, the Dominican peso was backed by gold and was as strong as the US dollar. Recently declassified documents from the Rockefeller Commission prove that the Central Intelligence Agency not only funneled weapons to the individuals who killed the Dominican Head of State, but that they also shipped them to be trained by the CIA in the very continental United States just before deciding to take the country off the gold standard.

The international cartels responsible for directing the CIA to assassinate in the Dominican Republic, headed by men like George Soros -- the Hungarian Jew who has confessed to collaborating with the Nazis in the confiscation of property for those slated to be exterminated -- see the Dominican Republic as a golden goose that they can bleed dry, exploiting its gold mines while only paying the government 4% of profit.

In December of 2015, a close ally of the Dominican president was gunned down just as a scandal began to engulf FALCONDO, the Canadian mining giant who since before the Kissinger era has been deeply involved in backstage political puppeteering often implicating alleged agents of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Sacha Volman, a Romanian-born US citizen who was deported from the Dominican Republic for keeping contact with top-level communists, was reportedly a CIA agent whose cover was that of FALCONDO employee.

An April, 1973 diplomatic cable -- Guerrilla Seeks Refuge in Mexican Embassy -- details how Sacha Volman was aware of movements by Dominican guerrillas, who had led an invasion of the island seeking the overthrow of the US-backed Balaguer government, and whose plans were to restore President Juan Bosch. The cable details how Mr. Volman spoke with General Francisco Caamaño, leader of the guerrillas, and informed US embassy officials of Caamaño's plans to go into exile in Cuba, the only place where he believed the "government couldn't kill him."

The reason the government wanted to kill General Caamaño? He was wholeheartedly opposed to leasing away the country's gold mines to North American companies and selling off the peso to international lending cartels, the very same cartels which today are controlled by George Soros and actively working to crash the Dominican economy into the ground, so they can pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar.

Imagine if tomorrow Mexican nationals started dancing on top of George Washington's grave, demanding that they be granted Dominican citizenship, then you would begin to understand the heartache that George Soros has caused the Dominican people.

Legal Residents Seeking Citizenship Should be Asked if Mohamed Was Right in Marrying 9-year-old Aisha

America is in crisis: it seems that everywhere you look, Hollywood elites are raping kids with common knowledge of well-known leftist political figures. And if you can't see the Hollywood hypocrisy, then perhaps the quick rise of appreciation for Sharia Law among college students should show you that the danger posed by the modern left is greater to the nation than that posed by the Soviet Union at the peak of the Cold War. 

Liberals in America today are openly promoting Sharia Law and the destruction of American history and, more shockingly,  they have infiltrated the highest echelons of the US government and are actively seeking to bring in the Muslim Brotherhood. 

To become a US citizen, I had to answer some simple questions: was I or had I ever been a member of the communist party; was I or have I ever been member of an organization seeking to violently overthrow the US government; was I or had I ever been member of the Nazi party.

These questions are necessary because at one point members of the Communist Party were entering the United States seeking to destroy our way of life and commit sabotage and espionage; and because members of the Nazi Party came to the US to hide from the law and escape convictions for war crimes.

The state we find ourselves in today, however, could arguably be considered more worrying than what we lived through during the Cold War, with members of the Islamic State entering the United States with no concern for their actions resulting in a nuclear holocaust at the hands of the superpowers. 

Members of the Islamic State enter the United States with the hope that their actions could result in a holocaust, and for this we must strengthen our naturalization laws, asking questions that weed out would-be Jihadists.

Imagine if after being denied citizenship, the older Boston Marathon Bomber had been deported; today we wouldn't be mourning Americans and honoring amputees. 

Simply put, the US government needs to start treating Islamic State ideology with the same gloves that it used on the Soviet Union. We must ask every person seeking citizenship if they agree that Mohamed was correct in Marrying 9-year-old Aisha. 

After all the good Americans we've lost to senseless terrorism, we simply can't allow people to enter our country who adhere to a 7th century interpretation of the law, directly violating the spirit of everything we hold dear as Constitution-loving Americans. 

By: François Boncourt

Locked Up Over 36 Euros; Immigrants Decry Debtor's Prison in The Netherlands

It's the 21st century, but some elements of Victorian England are alive and well in The Netherlands, where people must "pay the fine right there" should they commit an offense.

I bought a 24-hour tram pass to ride around Amsterdam for a day, hoping to say I saw the entire city and got to know the layout. It was my first time leaving my small city in the South of Spain, and I was amazed at what could be accomplished with nothing but bricks.

After hours of taking inane pictures of life passing by a tram window, I arrived at Central Station in search of a bathroom. I was in a rush and without giving it much thought, ran into a bathroom inside of the nearest train. The train took off, and immediately I heard a knock at the door. A police officer patrolling with a group of train cops were outside waiting for me, asking me why I was using the bathroom while the train was stopped.

I told the policemen that I had a 24 hour tram pass, that I had been riding all day and that I arrived at the station and needed to urgently use the toilet, that I would just continue riding the tram.

The policeman decided to use my words against me, telling me aggressively, "you were riding around all day!"

The cops dragged me out of the train and made me stand on the platform to try and charge me for "riding black."

The officers made me stand on the train platform and demanded that I fork over 36 euros because I was "not registered at City Hall." My card had demagnetized earlier that day and I only had 20 bucks on me and they refused to mail the fine to my residence in Belgium, they decided to take me into custody because I couldn't pay on the spot. 

I spent the night in a jail cell until I was able to get bailed out in the morning, learning a very important lesson about life in The Netherlands: you shouldn't visit unless you can pay the fine right there.

Documents of Foreign Nationals Suspected of Crimes Should be Destroyed

America is seen as the holy grail of drug dealing for a large number of Latin American criminals, who immediately upon swimming across the border start dealing smack on our children's playgrounds. Many of these individuals come to the US and commit crimes expecting, should things go sour with the authorities, that their possessions will be returned to them. The Donald Trump administration should strive to completely eliminate that notion. 

In the Netherlands and in other progressive European countries, foreign nationals are required to provide the "address where they're staying" when they're about to file police reports, or the name of a lawyer they've spoken to asking if they could file a police report. In the United States, foreign nationals in sanctuary cities are often allowed by leftist radicals to tie down police resources by filing frivolous police reports that will delay a deportation, and very often these illegals are not even required to provide the address where they're staying or the name of their lawyer. 

The fate that should befall those who break our laws
President Trump should encourage Congress to enact legislation that forbids foreign nationals from filing police reports without providing the address where they're staying, thus hindering Immigration and Customs Enforcement from locating these individuals and apprehending those who shelter them.

There is absolutely no justifiable reason for an illegal alien to file a police report without giving ICE the means to find him and discover if there are other illegals in the house. When apprehended, all of the documents in possession of illegals or found in the house should be promptly destroyed after a warning letter is sent to a lawyer they've spoken to.

America simply will not survive unless it cracks down on illegals who refuse to assimilate to our laws and way of life.