African Union Troops Could Soon be Patrolling in the Americas

Haiti's elite are growing increasingly desperate, as many experts predict that the current electoral failures could exacerbate an already critical situation. Although the world knows Haiti primarily for the humanitarian crises which often bombard our TV screens, leaving us emotionally devastated and weeping for the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, the fact is that Haiti has a long, rich history, and an intellectual elite who carry on that rich, polyglot legacy. 

In accordance with that long, polyglot legacy, drawing from Haiti becoming the second country in the Americas to gain its independence after the United States, under the guidance of Toussaint L'Ouverture, who traced his origins to the West African nation of Benin, the Haitian elite today have openly begun to welcome the idea of the nation disembarking completely from the Americas. 

Since the US and French-led overthrow of Haiti's democratically-elected president, Bertrand Aristide, the new elite have had to rely on the United Nations's MINUSTAH stabilization force to execute their desires over the Haitian population. As Haiti has no army, and the elite fear that a new military force could upend their established economic order, one subservient to Washington's free trade and low-cost labor desires, they have subsequently sought outside powers to help them tame a people that they themselves see as increasingly foreign.

I recall a conversation with a member of Haiti's elite I had at Yale back when I was an undergrad; I asked him where he was from and he told me that he was Haitian, but that he felt a greater connection to Africa. I'm Dominican and his skin was lighter than mine, but this is what he asserted upon meeting me, to make sure that I didn't see him as an outsider or usurper of our shared Quisqueyan identity.

Today, this is what many of Haiti's elite preach: that although Haiti is geographically part of the Americas, it is historically and in every sense part of Africa. Haiti’s high commissioner to South Africa, Jacques Junior Baril, openly said that Haiti's membership in the African Union is "not something we decided, it’s a place that we earned after we fought for our independence 212 years ago. We paved the way for every other African nation to be free today, so historically speaking Haiti should have been in the AU already."
Soon patrolling in the Americas? HRW

The Caribbean island nation already enjoys observer status in the African Union, and it is likely only a matter of time until the Haitian elite solidify their membership in the organization. United Nations peacekeepers have already been in Haiti over a decade, and eventually they will leave. 

Most experts predict that Haiti's status as a collapsed state will continue for at least another decade, which would mean that the nation faces the prospect of a multi-decade United Nations occupation. 

The only predictable replacement, upon the departure of UN peacekeepers, is for African Union troops to help train a new Haitian army. Given the speed of training and development in Haiti, it may be yet another multi-decade affair until African Union troops have successfully completed their training mission in the only failed state in the Americas.

Hillary Clinton's Potential Dominican Running Mate Threatens to Destroy America as We Know It

Over the past half year, we've been closely tracking the Dominican media, seeing clear signs of involvement by Washington's elite in a plot to do away with the island nation's sovereignty, creating a new American state with the Dominican Republic's neighbor, Haiti.

The evidence clearly pointed to the Clintons, who'd taken trips to Haiti to meet with former voodoo strongman "Baby Doc" Duvalier, thereby essentially making a pact with the devil himself. We warned that Hillary's plan was to do away with the Haitian border, letting Haitians flood Puerto Rico via the Dominican Republic, thus creating a new refugee crisis of unforeseen proportions in the Americas.
Obama's fusionist crony. Reuters

And just today our nightmares are coming to fruition, with the mainstream media floating the possibility that Thomas Perez, Obama's main Dominican crony, could be Hillary Clinton's running mate.

The Guardian reports that, not surprisingly, Mr. Perez has come out against deportations, hoping that Congress will "pass comprehensive immigration reform in the next year," thereby indicating that he's completely out of touch with the American people's desires to protect the border and our sovereignty.

Although Mr. Perez is of Dominican descent, he has had no actual connections to the island for several decades, and will certainly side with current proposals floating around Washington to fuse the island of Hispaniola, of which Haiti and the Dominican Republic form part.

When Hillary Clinton and Thomas Perez are finished with America, there won't be 50 stars on the American flag, the Dominican people will speak creole, Puerto Rico will be a US state, the island of Hispaniola will be a US commonwealth, 11 million undocumented will be on a path to citizenship, and the Mexican border will continue being wide open to the cartels. 

A decade from now, we may no longer even recognize America's large cities, as the demographic shift will be so drastic that entire school systems will buckle under the influx of illiterate Haitian nationals and destitute Dominicans.

Dutch Police Heard About Involvement by Skull & Bones in Drug Conspiracy

It was the 8th of January, 2013, and Abreu Report was just beginning to get the keys hot on our typewriter. Words that we exchanged with an old lover, and the passing of draconian laws which gave our President Barack Obama essentially dictatorial powers, showed us a dark vision of the future, one in which excursions by the Russians into foreign soil would be unchallenged by the US, with Bonesman John Kerry setting the stage set for a new Cold War. 
The original CIA drug traffickers. WKM

We knew that our January 8 article would elicit stern consequences, and within four days the apartment of our editor-in-chief was raided by the Dutch police. 

At the time, our editor-in-chief was subletting to some individuals who basically took advantage of his easy-going attitude, so writing that article about his fuck buddy in Skull & Bones was basically a test of the dangers facing us. 

Or January 8 article eventually served as the lubricant for an unlawful eviction by proxy with a subsequent home invasion not just by the police, but also by another individual who may have been paid to destroy everything the police left behind. Within 4 days of criticizing Skull & Bones, our editor-in-chief was on the streets of the Netherlands without documents, trying to file a police report but being turned away by belligerent cops; even his cell phone was deactivated. 

Within a few months of the raid, the police called up our editor to hear his side of the story, where they asked him to speculate as to whom may have done this to him. Our editor told the police: "I wrote an article 4 days before all this happened to me: My Fuck Buddy was in Skull & Bones."

The policewoman asked: "Who are they?"

He responded: "A secret society at Yale."

The policewoman presumed our editor was creating an elaborate story, and she decided to add to the statement and to side against him, which is why today she has been demoted.

Eventually the case went to trial, since the police found a significant quantity of narcotics in the room of the subletters, but Skull & Bones was never brought up during trial. "It was pretty clear they didn't want me naming names, since my former associate at Skull & Bones had visited the apartment even while my subletters were, to our knowledge, possibly setting up a plantation in their room."

Dominican Men in Europe Can't Afford Liberalism

There's the image we have of ourselves, and then there's the image others have of us. Before I came to Europe, I allowed myself to believe that the 10 years I had spent living in the Bronx as a kid somehow made me American, but now I see things differently. 

I came to the Netherlands, where I registered with my US passport. But that's not what they noticed here, and I presume the cops never even bothered to look beyond the fact that I was born in the Dominican Republic when they sent me a letter identifying me as a Dominican citizen.

Despite my US passport, I have received the Dominican treatment here in Europe, and it pains me to imagine how much worse it must be for Dominicans who unlike me are not fortunate enough to have a passport from a wealthy country, or who are not fortunate enough to have legal status in the EU. If I didn't have a US passport, and if my mom weren't a citizen of this continent, I would be even more afraid of leaving my house than I currently am, even though I've always been entitled to a Spanish passport and currently have legal status in Holland. 

A Dominican man in Europe, even if he's a US citizen with a Yale degree and no criminal record, will be automatically treated as guilty and as an undocumented immigrant. Police officers will take it upon themselves to enforce immigration law when they find out you're Dominican-born, without even bothering to ask if you're a US citizen or residing on the continent legally. 

I made the mistake of being friendly and honest with a couple of cops here, and I got completely fucked over. I presumed that I was speaking with intelligent, liberal people, but the fact is that they were extremely religious and racist and judging me from the lens of superiority. I got a policewoman demoted, and I shot down a prosecutor in court because she wasn't aware that misprision of felony was still on the books in US federal law, and today I have the largest English-language Dominican-owned website, but I know that when I'm talking to a white person in Europe, all they see is a kinda-Moroccan face, and all they know about the Dominican Republic is that is that it is a very poor country where there are criminals and unintelligent, aggressive people who maybe will rape them.

I could be angry about this reality, or I could adapt to it. The fact is that publicly we Dominican-born people with brown faces cannot see ourselves as anything but, because otherwise we leave ourselves vulnerable to targeting by people in power who do see us as nothing but Dominican filth. 

Do I smoke cannabis? This is not something that a Dominican man should ever admit publicly, as it doesn't cast him as a progressive guy who believes America's war on drugs is misguided or who perhaps believes that cannabis is a legitimate medicine. You should always deny to smoking cannabis, and you should even scornfully call it a drug, maybe even suggest that the country should be busy killing traffickers. 

Are you into transgender women? Don't let your neighbors see "him." Most European people aren't really tolerant to that kind of stuff, and they see it as a dangerous disorder, so it's best to criticize it publicly in order not too appear to be a guevedoce-lover.

Are you an atheist? Keep that to yourself, otherwise you'll lose your own people, the only ones who'll still back you despite your un-Europeanness. 

After living in Europe for half a decade, all I know is that I need to wear a mask publicly, and that sometimes the mask crosses into my personal life, especially after a couple of beers. But when I'm drinking and writing at 4am, as I am now, I really do regret not wearing the mask earlier, for it could have saved me from suffering the worst of calamities on this continent. 

Maybe one day Dominican men of Arab appearance will be able to afford liberalism, but for now I know I have to shave my head and wear a suit and keep myself out of coffeshops and bars; so that it can't be used against me.