Abreu Report Editor Arrested for Revealing Truth in Dutch Government Cover-up of Antibiotic-resistant Tuberculosis Outbreak Among Foreign Prisoners

Citizens revealing truth face arrest for "anti-immigrant hate." GS
There's a tuberculosis outbreak in the Netherlands and the government is covering it up, putting millions of lives at risk. 

An editor of the Abreu Report was arrested for revealing the truth about the spread of a highly-contagious airborne disease among refugees in the Netherlands last year, and we believe that they will possibly target him again.

Although the official cover story is that our editor spent a night in Dutch prison because "he was on an Article 50 database," the truth is that anyone who questions what the Dutch monarchy is doing is immediately subjected to "harsh attention" by the Marechaussee, the Royal Military Police. 

The Royal Military Police, allowed by monarchic law to operate against civilians who may oppose the monarchy, have been busy in the past few years setting up checkpoints outside of supermarkets, looking for anyone who may be on the Article 50 database, in the process developing the tools necessary for returning the Netherlands to its roots as an absolute monarchy. 

One individual who was arrested outside of a Dutch supermarket simply for looking like a foreigner describes his treatment "as beneath human... these people didn't even allow me to call a lawyer and refused me access to the US ambassador."

Yes, you're hearing the truth, an American civilian arrested by the Dutch Ministry of Defense was denied a phone call to his lawyer, whose name he stated, and was also denied access to the US ambassador; and the most disturbing thing is that the Marechaussee believes itself to have this power over anyone and that they will soon begin using it against their own citizens as the refugee situation becomes unmanageable.

Constant rioting by Moroccans and other ethnic minorities in the Netherlands meant that its once-liberal and tolerant culture had to be done away with and that the Marechaussee needed to be empowered with martial law powers during peacetime. 

And with that overwhelming power given to them by the Moroccan crisis, the Dutch have simply decided that nothing can be revealed, even if it means millions of people dying. 

Our editor woke up with blood smeared all over the wall, under situations that he cannot fully explained. 

The Dutch, with their secrecy laws concerning the health condition of foreign prisoners, have put the entire world in danger, and King Willem Alexander may be remembered as the man who unleashed the deadliest plague the world has ever known.

The Proper Attire to Wear When Torturing a Dutch Person to Death

The power of childhood magic. WP
Torture is hard work. Although in the movies it always looks like the guy with the cattle prod or the whip is cool and relaxed, the truth is that few of us have the physical endurance to look cool beating someone to a bloody pulp while also taking the care to maintain them alive for as long as possible.

For those of us who enjoy less physical privilege than Olympic athletes, the psychological component of our work must be taken into account. Although a lot of the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan used skull masks when extracting information from the bad guys, westerns have been desensitized to cranial representations through heavy exposure to horror movies.
Utilizing a character from a horror movie simply does not work anymore; people are too used to horrifying characters appearing out of nowhere. Research indicates that it's not horror movies that are the best pool of inspiration for when it comes to inflicting terror in the hearts and minds of the subject from whom information is being extracted, but rather children's movies.

Since childhood is to most men a time of innocence, a torturer must take into account that most men no longer consider themselves innocent and that they draw solace in the past. Considering that most men themselves do not consider themselves innocent, there's absolutely no need for you to have doubt about the innocence of the person whose ability to draw solace from infancy you're destroying.

Since Zwarte Piet (Black Pete,) is the childhood character which most Dutch people have difficulty letting go of, it becomes apparent that this is the avatar which you must use to psychologically destroy the person you're torturing freedom tickling.

If you're a cop in a foreign country and you arrest a Dutch person, especially if it's a Dutch nigger, a few days of isolation will put the Dutch nigger in the right condition to demand human interaction. The interaction that the isolated Dutch negro is subjected to should be exclusively with individuals wearing blackface. 

A few slaps and a couple of insults over the period of a few months and you probably can make the Dutch nigger psychologically break and hopefully commit suicide. A white Dutch person would likely survive, but remain a broken animal for the rest of its life.

Why You Should Hate The Dutch

They even dress up like niggers and think it's "tradition." GS
If you hate the Jews because you think they're deceptive, greed driven, tribal fucks, then you'll definitely love the Dutch! Although at first glance The Netherlands is a stable, wealthy country, once you begin digging into the people's psyche, you will learn that they behave as if they're starving in a third world country. 

1) Let's first start with the law: it's legal to lie to the police here in The Netherlands if you're a suspect, meaning that you don't have to worry about perjury if you tell a cop that the guy in that video strangling a hooker is actually someone else and that you were in Spain that day. Although this may be a good thing, it means that cops will treat everyone like a liar, and that they themselves will eventually develop a loose relationship with the truth. 

The cops will lie about you, and they'll lie about you and Christmas even if your last name literally means "Hebrew;" and if you're not white and Dutch, the Dutch police will help other people lie about you, too. 

If you're American and sign a lease on the 1st of December and put the date 12/1/17 on it, you can expect that the other guy will tell the police that you signed it on the 12th of January. And even though the police know you're a US citizen who wasn't even in the country 11 months ago, they'll still submit the lease to the court. The Netherlands is a country where you can expect 4 college graduates working in a realty in the middle of downtown to lie about seeing a guy almost a year ago and for the police to help them. 

Simply put, you can never talk to a Dutch cop, even if it's saying a simple hello, and you should presume that he/she will still lie about you saying something anyway.

2) Police give false warnings. If you're a white Dutch girl, you can ride the same bicycle for 30 years without ever needing to learn that you need to turn your lights on at night, but if you're a brown guy, you can expect that you'll need to provide proof of bike ownership and produce a driver's license if you bike around like you're Dutch. 

Dutch police are not in the business of investigating crimes, even if it's a break-in and the person who broke into your house is selling you your legal documents back; what they're in the business of is maintaining the semblance of "law and order." You can expect the Dutch police to set up a checkpoint outside of a school or a supermarket and to only target the brown guy on the bicycle. And while you may think you're dealing with a nice, friendly cop who tells you that you have to walk home and that it's "just a warning this time," in actuality he is lying to you and just wants to raid your home because he thinks you're an illegal immigrant. 

Yep, if you're brown in The Netherlands you have to register at City Hall, and if you're not registered there the police can for any reason turn you into an illegal immigrant. 

Simply put, if you're a brown guy, you should presume that everything a cop has told you is a complete fabrication. 

3) They destroy legal documents. Did you leave some documents stashed in your place before you left for the holidays expecting that even if the police raided the apartment for those 6 cannabis plants you have in there that the documents would be returned to you? You're making a very incorrect assumption about the level of honesty and helpfulness of the Dutch police, and that assumption will be brutally broken by them once they get the opportunity. 

Dutch police destroy documents, and they will even destroy US passports without taking into consideration that it could put your citizenship at risk. 

Simply put, if you're an immigrant and you have a home in The Netherlands, you can fully expect that the police are not just unable to protect you should anything happen to your property, but that they will be hostile in rejecting to help you. 

4) They force you to pay the fine right there. It's usually the case in developing countries that the level of corruption is so high that you can expect to get a "fine" from a cop who will suggest that you pay right then and there to avoid paperwork, and this is also the case in The Netherlands. 

If you're brown and not registered at City Hall, the police will demand that you pay for fines on the spot, and should you not be able to pay the bribefine right away, then you will be arrested or turned into an illegal immigrant. 

If you're poor and not used to how things work in Venezuela, you should not leave your house in The Netherlands unless accompanied by someone with functioning finance cards, otherwise you may have to stand in the cold a couple of hours as a train cop or traffic agent decides what to do with you. 

5) They ignore the feelings of the millions of brown people living in their country. If you peruse our website, you'll find videos of a guy making racist jokes in blackface. While something like that could get you arrested in The United Kingdom, here in The Netherlands you'll actually get a police escort on the street. 

The Dutch police have been trained that blackface is a tradition in a children's party and that anyone who goes to protest that tradition of blackface, that they are "troublemakers who disrupt children's parties."

And this brings us to why we are posting videos of a guy in blackface making racist jokes: because we've been in The Netherlands long enough and no longer care about anyone's feelings but our own.

5) They financially abuse their own citizens. If 4 people lied about you signing a lease in January, and if a policewoman lied about you saying that you were in your apartment celebrating Hanukkah before Christmas, and if you subsequently find yourself indicted for weed, then you'll need 140 euros for a lawyer. Don't have 140 for a free lawyer? Tough!

The Dutch are in the business of squeezing people dry, they'll charge a Dutch woman 1250 euros so she can confer legal status to her son, and they'll deport the son to a country where he doesn't have citizenship if the mom can't come up with the 1250.

They deny citizenship to the children of Dutch men born here if the mother is not earning at least 1500 euros a month and the father does not declare paternity. Yes, if you're born in The Netherlands to someone making under 1500 euros a month, you will come to know the term "original sin."

Nothing is for free here in the land of tolerance; it's a Jewish dream come true, you even have to pay 50 cents for extra ketchup and 50 cents to use the toilet at McDonald's. 

6) There is no Posse Comitatus Act. After the American Civil War, the defeated South was occupied by the Union Army, something deeply unpopular in a country where civilian authority was enshrined into the foundational core of the nation's philosophy. By 1878, Americans had already learned that deploying the military to perform police roles, that that was a form of tyranny, and Congress signed the Posse Comitatus Act into law to prevent the President from abusing that authority. 

Here in The Netherlands, however, there is no Posse Comitatus Act, the Royal Marechaussee -- the military police -- are tasked with the same roles as the Secret Service and the Transportation Security Administration in the United States. This means that if you should leave your bag briefly unattended outside of the airport, that it will be military that comes to check it, and if perhaps 5 years earlier you had been unable to "pay the fine right there" that you may be in an Article 50 database as a suspected illegal immigrant.

And if the Marechaussee has you down on an Article 50, it doesn't matter that you have acquired a residence permit since the time when you were a tourist who couldn't pay the fine right there, and you will spend the night in military detention. 

If you are a legal resident of The Netherlands and you're under the impression that you have civilian rights, you should get rid of that notion and come to understand that you're a few seconds away from being thrown into a military brig over a fine from half a decade ago. 

Simply put, you have no civilian rights in this country. 

7) Birthplace discrimination. Since the Dutch police still have to maintain the appearance of being peace keepers, they are not allowed to ask a person if they're in the country illegally; all they ask is if you're registered at City Hall and where you were born. 

If US Senator John McCain were brown and wandering around the streets of The Netherlands, he'd have to worry about the fact that he was born in Panama.

The Dutch police are trained that anyone born in a poor country who is not registered at City Hall should be treated as a suspected illegal alien. Your country of citizenship doesn't matter here, only where you were born. 

8) They deny history. The Dutch are today still dressing up in blackface, as their lovable Zwarte Piet, a slave caricature. Instead of simply changing the color to green and telling the kids that Zwarte Piet is no longer going down chimneys and that he was always green underneath the soot, the Dutch would rather provide bulletproof vests to men in blackface and have black cops arrest black men protesting blackface.

What a good house nigger looks like. Volkskrant
There is nothing more Dutch than seeing a black cop in dreadlocks beat down a black guy, then wrapping his shirt around his head and dragging him hooded into a cell, yet it happens every year for Sinterklaas, the Dutch Christmas. 

At first you may think it's impressive to arrive in a European country and to see black men in uniform, but you should presume you're dealing with a house nigger who will arrest you if you protest blackface. 

9) They brush over their collaboration with the Nazis. Although the Dutch were handing over Jews to the Nazis left and right, children are taught that they were merely victims of the Germans. 

And because the Dutch see themselves as victims of the Germans and as a people invaded by brown savages who want to destroy their traditions, you can expect an immigration agent to tell someone to their face "you have no rights in my country," even if that person is crying that their mother, their legal guardian in the European Union, is a Dutch citizen and that they came here before age 25. 

The Dutch immigration authorities will change the rules in the middle of the game, neglect to mention a rule, and then use the changes and the unmentioned rule to tell you to your face that "you're not doing things right." And they'll even ask you, "why don't you just go back!?"

10) There is no real freedom of speech. Don't like the King? Want to tell the world that he's a child rapist and that he should go fuck himself? Be prepared to spend a couple of weeks in prison. 

If you're giving a speech in public and shout "fuck the King," you may as well shout "fuck Mohammed" in a Muslim country. If you were to write the name of a cop here while calling him a corrupt cunt after you find out that he lied about you and destroyed your shit, he'll file a speech complaint against you and say you "offended his honor." 

A cop here will teach a Jewish guy to use the word "Christmas," write down that the Jew said the word "Christmas," destroy the documents of a homeless guy who told him he had medical problems, and still think that the homeless Jew should respect "his honor." 

And if someone files a complaint against you for insulting them on the internet, you can expect the Dutch police to force you to show up to the police station to be interrogated, where they will use everything against you, even your immigration records. 

If you write shit about the King, you'll get locked up, if you insult a corrupt cunt, you will be forced to spend thousands in legal bills and will face interrogation; and, if heaven forbid, you shall insult a cop to his face, perhaps calling him a house negro for defending the "Children's party," then you will be locked up for "insulting the uniform."

Yes, the Dutch believe that because someone has a uniform on, that it should protect them from hearing the truth about what human scum they are. 

In summation, unless you speak Dutch, enjoy blackface, enjoy lying and being lied about, are driven by greed, and don't mind losing everything in your home, then The Netherlands may be the right country for you.

Most Popular Leader in the World: President Trujillo to Enjoy Over 90% Approval Rating

Move over, Putin! TRA
The Dominican Republic is entering a glorious new era, with the grandson of Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo promising that he will rise to power in 2020 and bring back law and order to what was once one of the safest, wealthiest islands in the world.

As it currently stands, President Vladimir Putin of Russia is the most popular leader in the world, enjoying over 80% approval rating and recently declaring that he will run for re-election, but it looks as if Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo will blow him out of the water.

Although Mr. Dominguez Trujillo has not yet risen to power, the comment boards on most of the country's blogs and news websites offer overwhelming support, painting him as a "national hero," and the only man who can "save the Republic."

Mr. Dominguez Trujillo's father rose to power in 1930 and governed the Dominican Republic for over three decades until he was taken down by agents working in concert with the Central Intelligence Agency.

After the death of Generalissimo Trujillo, the Dominican Republic plunged into chaos, with the 1960s and 70s seeing a massive brain drain and the 80s witnessing a massive rise in corruption and economic stagnation. The 1990s saw Joaquin Balaguer, who was second in command to Generalissimo Trujillo when he was assassinated by the CIA, hand the reins of the nation over to Leonel Fernandez.

The Dominican Republic has been run aground and only a man with honor like Mr. Dominguez Trujillo can help it recover from the damage caused by Leonel Fernandez and his Dominican Liberation Party (PLD.)

The PLD has overseen a massive growth of the economy, but income inequality and extreme poverty has been exacerbated by unparalleled corruption and cronyism, with crime becoming a fixture of Dominican life.

In the past 12 months alone, there have been over 100 femicides, countless unreported muggings, and a wave of disappearances even of high profile individuals. The people see future President Trujillo as the only one who can undo the damage done to the Republic by the PLD. 

The people have faith in President Trujillo because of the amazing growth experienced by the Dominican Republic during his grandfather's 30-year reign; with the nostalgia for safety and national pride still captivating the hearts and minds of most young Dominicans who never knew the regime.