Dominican Republic Could Recognize China in Exchange for Nuclear Weapons

Dominican experts face nuclear waste management issues. IAEA
Although this year's hurricane season has leveled the small island of Dominica while also dealing a near deathblow to other members of Caricom -- the supranational entity spreading its tentacles across the Caribbean at a speed that makes the European Union look like a Crimean cart horse -- the threat of a war breaking out just south of Florida has never been higher. 

While American diplomats are evacuated from Cuba with mysterious injuries caused by unknown acoustic weapons, some governments are expanding their development of psychotronic weapons, leading to a veritable arms race in the Caribbean. 

The Dominican Republic, currently the main economic powerhouse in the Caribbean and the last major nation to recognize Taiwan to the detriment of China, has in the past been accused of stockpiling biological agents, with members of far right parties often demanding that President Danilo Medina withdraw from nuclear non-proliferation treaties and give the nation the means to guarantee that it is never again invaded by another foreign power. 

To that end, reports in the Dominican media suggest that the country's main ambassador, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, is reaching out to Beijing, with his silence in Taiwan's support recently stinging at the United Nations.

Sources allege that Taiwan is closely monitoring the situation, seeing no possibility in the near future that it will be abandoned by the Dominican Republic due to the unfathomably extreme request President Medina has made in regards to being provided nuclear weapons by Beijing. 

Although Taiwan can rest safe in knowing that it is still recognized by at least one major country, it may not be long before Beijing decides that a few nukes are worth dealing a psychological death blow in the international arena to its renegade province.

President Trump's Resolve Leads to Eradication of Terror State as a Viable Possibility

He is guiding our fight! T_D
President Donald Trump has accomplished in a few months what the Obama administration couldn't manage in years: the destruction of the Islamic State caliphate dream.

Just one year ago, experts were talking of a decades-long conflict against a viable proto-state exporting terror to the West. 

Although the threat of terror remains high, especially as the evil Caliph Ibrahim urges his followers to fight to the death against impossible odds, the ability of the Islamic State to carry out a mega-attack against a European city using a chemical warhead developed indigenously in one of its laboratories has been eradicated. 

Due to President Trump's willingness to listen to his best commanders instead of micromanaging military affairs like the Obama administration, European cities can rest safe tonight knowing that radical Islamic terrorists won't have a lab in some Syrian or Iraqi city preparing the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent non-believers.

If Hillary Clinton had achieved by October of 2019 what the Pentagon has accomplished up to now under President Trump, the liberal media would be organizing ticker tape parades in her honor, arguing that her determination to eradicate the terror state was the most defining moment for women's rights and the prevention of genocide in the 21st century.

Although the war is not yet over, President Trump will have to celebrate winning the biggest battle in relative silence and humility, but if there's one thing I've learned during these past four decades of life, it's that the work of God often goes unnoticed on this Earth.

Brother of Slain Green Beret: "Liberal Media Baseless Misconstruing President Trump's Words."

Bravely signed his life away. P
The liberal media is on yet another witch-hunt, this time soiling the memory of a slain warrior, when our Commander-in-Chief has told the truth. Yes, he knew what he was signing up for. There's no disrespect to that, only absolute pride.

My brother died in Afghanistan, and he knew what he was signing for. If the President were to call me today and tell me that my brother died knowing what he signed up for, I would tell the President, "Yes, sir, he knew he was risking his life but his love for OUR COUNTRY was so great that he still signed on."

Most Americans are comfortably sitting on their couches not fully realizing the sacrifices that our elected leaders have to make. We're living in one of the most difficult periods since the fall of Rome, and day in and day out President Trump is tasked with deciding the fate of freedom.

Make no mistake about it, President Trump has kicked the shit out of ISIS. The Islamic State is but a shadow of its former self since President Trump handed back the reins to the military, taking it away from liberal bureaucrats. There's no man who has done more to save American lives than President Trump, and he has done it by empowering our warriors to deliver hell to the enemy as they deem fit. 

President Trump is saving the lives of our soldiers by giving them the tools they need to fight the enemy, but the liberal media will convince you that "mean" words are worse than Taliban bullets. 

By: Alfred P. M

Is Antifa an Al-Qaeda Associated Force?

The Pacific Ocean could soon burn with thermonuclear heat, as North Korea promises to conduct a nuclear test in the middle of the water. President Donald Trump could very well find himself in the Korean Demilitarized Zone when the bombs start flying, testing our nation in ways we can only begin to imagine. 

On the domestic front, as is typical during time of conflict, there will be opposition to the war effort, some of it virulent. Atypical, however, will be the way in which the enemy will be able to recruit in the Homeland, that is using new technologies once unimaginable even in science fiction films. 

Terrorist organization out to take down America? Infowars
Smart phones and encrypted apps will make it possible for North Korean agents to direct members of the anti-war crowd, who will be composed primarily of Antifa, a radical organization with loose ties to the Islamic State.

In the coming months, America could plunge into civil war, and Antifa will commit sabotage in the Homeland at behest of not only ISIS but also North Korea. There is absolutely zero probability that our enemy will not exploit the use of encrypted apps by Antifa while it furthers its anti-American goals. 

Should war break out on the Korean Peninsula, and if Antifa begins to sabotage the war effort, President Trump should not hesitate to label them an Al-Qaeda associated force just like ISIS in order to facilitate their military detention. 

Soon, the Supreme Court will determine the legality of military commissions in Guantanamo. It may very well be decided that they were not only legal, but that the President should use them on a more broad basis, even for individuals detained in the Homeland should it be determined they communicated with the enemy.