Elite May Force Trump to Deploy National Guard on "Sanctuary" Campuses

1878-2017. RIP
A dangerous game of brinkmanship is playing out across America's overpriced, elite college campuses as radical flag-burning groups, many financed by billionaire George Soros, openly demand for the violation of federal law.

During George W. Bush's second term in office, Congress passed the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act, giving the president the power to deploy the National Guard without the consent of governors, a power which was taken from Bush near the end of his term by the same leftist college students who will now force Congress to give President Trump the power to deploy military forces on US soil, directly on its liberal campuses.

Although the left was demanding that the federal government take a greater role in the life of college students during the current democratic administration, particularly by petitioning stiff enforcement of Title IX, they are now violently badgering the federal government to stay out of the lives of students, even as some of them steal spots from native-born, law-abiding Americans who didn't break into the country. 

Although US citizens have to be vetted before starting college, aliens who've entered the country illegally aren't investigated by DHS and some have prior sexual felonies in their home countries. American liberals wanted safety from sexual predators on campus during the Obama years, and now they are threatening school administrators with violence should they enforce federal law that would keep them safe from gender violence by unvetted immigrants.

Liberals who have spent years demanding that the government cut off funds to schools which didn't set up arbitrary kangaroo courts where young, red-blooded Americans are subjected to less due process than people whose ancestors never contributed to the development of the American republic, with some having taken up arms against us in the past, are now threatening retaliation should the federal government intrude on their "right" to create a sanctuary for people stealing college spots from citizens.

College campuses across America will become battlefields after the Trump administration begins enforcing the law and prioritizing citizens, and the elite will do everything in their power to make sure that he's forced to deploy the National Guard, even without the consent of the governor. Liberals first demanded that the government provide them safety, and now they're essentially creating the conditions for the government to send in the military and pacify them.

Trump Call to Taiwan Increases Risk of Biological Weapons Holocaust

The Chinese government lodged formal protest after President-elect Donald Trump broke with protocol and contacted the president of Taiwan, someone considered the leader of a renegade province by the communist leadership in Beijing. 

In angering the Chinese, Mr. Trump is signaling that he intends to keep his promise to end the pilfering of American jobs to large factories in Asia, concentrating instead on beefing up defense of Washington's crucial allies in the region. Mr. Trump's call hints at what his Asia-policy will resemble, with preference given to countries buying American-made weapons.

The Chinese have recently begun taking a page out of the Trump playbook and are now openly talking of conspiracies in the South China Sea, with the latest move likely to increase the number of missile tests conducted by an increasingly-bellicose Beijing leadership. 

Chinese escalation sets stage for all-out war. YNW
Just yesterday, the Free Beacon reported that China's military conducted "flight tests of 10 DF-21 intermediate-range ballistic missiles." Given the timing of Taiwan's phone call with the United States, the communist leadership in China will now likely feel that they need to increase the number of missiles which they launch, and even around Taiwanese waters. 

As Abreu Report wrote in February of this year, the Taiwanese have been preparing for any eventuality should a numerically-superior enemy such as China decide to invade, primarily by stockpiling biological weapons, even abroad with their few allies. 

The apparent support given to Taiwan may increase their enthusiasm in taking on the Chinese, and their leadership could be pushed to use the country's arsenal should a DF-21 missile strike a Taiwanese navy boat. The world is one errant missile strike away from witnessing a biological weapons holocaust that ends millions of lives.

Anthropological Fetishism in American Politics: The Source of Donald Trump's Power

Hillary Clinton simply had no magic during the past elections. Literally. 

Ms. Clinton's political poster was lackluster and ridiculed for its hospital-like blandness. Donald Trump, on the other hand, managed to harness the power of the tribe, and he did so through the use of anthropological magic, namely by employing a feitiço, a fetish. 

The island of Hispaniola, shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is a place where the forces of magic compete. On one side the people practice African voodoo, and on the other indigenous Catholicism. A good leader on the island of Hispaniola understands how the two different realms of the magical spectrum interact, and harnesses them accordingly. 

The magic of the Taino tribe. PRSC
Joaquin Balaguer was a man who, through the cunning use of magical symbols and conspiracies, ruled the Dominican Republic until he was a blind octogenarian. Mr. Balaguer was one of the foremost intellectuals during the multi-decade dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo, serving as minister of education before being selected to serve as vice-president, a role which he held when Generalissimo Trujillo was killed by CIA-trained assassins.

Although Mr. Balaguer is now dead, his political party still survives, and its symbols still endure in the Dominican conscience: the red baseball cap. Mr. Balaguer understood that when a crowd of thousands of people put on the same hat, they're not placing mere pieces of fabric on their heads, they're joining a tribe and gaining power. 

Donald Trump isn't dangerous. His hat is dangerous. Donald Trump without a hat is just a North-East Republican. Donald Trump in a hat is the Commander-in-Chief, leader of the American tribe. 

Although all members of the tribe may wear a hat made of the same feathers, the chief's feathered hat is more powerful, since his very status as chief is proof that his magic works.

The chief can ask a person to sacrifice their son in a war, or he can take the freedom of a member of the tribe, yet his relatives would gladly accept a hat from his hand as just recompense. Although a hat gifted by the chief is made from the same material as any other hat, the very act of it being in his possession gives it magical power.

It no longer matters what Donald Trump does or says because he has created a powerful tribal symbol which anyone can wear; and the magic of the tribe is more important than facts or actions.

Used magic purple hat to break 30-year red totalitarian spell. Listin
If Donald Trump were to be killed in office, the last hat he wears will become an object imbued with as much magical power as the Constitution of the United States. The man who puts on the last hat of a martyred tribal chief will inherit powers greater than those the chief himself could wield.

If you're afraid of Donald Trump, you should be terrified of the man who puts on his last hat, since only magic itself will be able to bring him down... perhaps in a purple hat.

Dutch Intelligence Reveals Investigation of Geert Wilders for "Israeli Contacts" as Campaign to Build European Army Intensifies

They'll kill Wilders to build it. YNW
Firebrand Dutch politician Geert Wilders appears to be in even more trouble with the elite as plans for the construction of a European Army are put at risk by the prospect of a Dutch exit from the open borders Schengen union.

The large-circulation daily Volkskrant is reporting that the AIVD, the Netherlands' intelligence agency, investigated Mr. Wilders from 2009-2010 for his contacts inside the Israeli embassy in the Hague and for visiting IDF headquarters.

According to the Volkskrant, the AIVD would not have opened such an inquiry unless there existed serious questions into Mr. Wilders' loyalties, a revelation which comes at a politically-convenient time for the European Union elite.

The Volkskrant discovered that Mr. Wilders was under AIVD investigation after interviewing 37 people with knowledge of the politician's security and movements. 

Amazingly, the corporate press in the Netherlands has not shied away from writing that the AIVD's investigation of Mr. Wilders threatens to make them look like an extension of the Prime Minister's office, to be used as a weapon against the opposition.

There can be no doubt that the details of the investigation into Mr. Wilders have been conveniently released today, with even the typically-reticent Chinese press writing that this Sunday could be "a dark day for Europe."

The globalists have gone into overdrive with the latest accusations against the only man in the Netherlands willing to speak out against the destruction of his country, and now the corporate media, with assistance from Dutch intelligence, have sought to undermine this weekend's elections in Austria, where a far right party in tune with Mr. Wilders is predicted to win.

The release of this damning information confirms what many Euro   skeptics suspected all along: the open borders elite are ramping up plans to create a European Union Army as the prospect of large-scale chaos across the Eurozone becomes a reality. 

The EU is on its deathbed, and the bureaucrats in Brussels have now decided to shoot any doctor that prescribes a different treatment. By releasing an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory against Mr. Wilders in hopes of affecting the elections in Austria, the intelligence services of Europe have confirmed what many already suspected: they themselves feed antisemitism to create right-wing hysteria or to discredit "right-wingers" as it suits them.