America Declares Drone War Against North Africa

Now America can follow its former arch-foe -- the freedom fries-hating French -- into the fray created by NATO bombardment of Lybia. As soon as NATO started bombing Lybia, his mercenaries saw the writing on the wall and started fleeing south, to Mali, where they established the Azawad state.
The United States has recently announced that it is looking to build a base in Niger, and was also possibly looking at sites in Burkina Faso. One of these two poor African countries -- or likely both -- will soon find themselves in the same situation as Djibouti, which is used to launch drone attacks against Yemen and Somalia. Make no mistake about it, the construction of these bases means that the United States will soon start targeting Boko Haram in Nigeria, as well as the Islamist rebels in North Mali (Azawad.)
How long these new two drone wars will last, no one can tell. However, everyone is certain that there will be collateral damage, and we will have disgruntled civilians in both countries seeing us as enemies. Fortunately we have a black president who was selected by fate to drone the world.