The One-Eyed Jihadist, or Our New Perfect Enemy

Mokhtar Belmokhtar is perfect for the interests of the West! Not because he is a master terrorist, but rather because he enjoys attention, and is missing an eye; he looks like he was born for villainy. Though he seems to be more of an opportunist and profiteer than a devout Muslim -- his previous history of cigarette smuggling is evidence enough -- he is willing to portray himself as a self-less fighter for the Islamic cause.

Western powers will not bother to dispute Belmokhtar's desire simply to attract attention to himself, they will simply continue giving the public the general impression that he represents the Islamist rebels in the Azawad. The truth, however, is that we have no idea who he truly works for, or if he is simply a personal profiteer or self-aggrandizer.

I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes incredibly difficult to catch, and if every new terrorist attack is attributed to him. The new Bin Laden has been unveiled to us, and this one doesn't bother to hide the fact that he is blind to how the CIA will protect him, help him grow, make him powerful, and use him to scare the population into further submission.