America 2015: A Dystopic Nightmare

Today, Department of Homeland Security Police were involved in a deadly shootout with associated forces in a suburb of Austin, Texas. After receiving an anonymous tip, drones identified 6 enemy combatants inside the layered suburban compound. Drones did not fire on the compound, as police saw it better to extract evidence from the combatant's computers. A raid of the compound resulted in the death of 5 insurgents and the escape of 1.

Police have kept secret the identities -- as demanded by national security -- of the 5 enemy combatants legally killed in self-defense. "Since last year's domestic terrorist attack, we have worked diligently to prevent insurgents from plotting against innocent Americans," stressed DHS police chief for Texas John Snader.

Though the individuals terminated in today's earlier raid have not been identified, police revealed that three of the 5 were felons, having been convicted under HR 347 for trespassing in federal restricted buildings. The government also disclosed the age of the insurgents: 18, 18, 16, 44, 42. Had the government attempted the raid last week, it would have been faced with legal difficulties concerning the 16-year-old, who only became a military-aged insurgent in recent days. "We always take great care, great care, in ensuring that only military-aged insurgents are neutralized in any operation," stressed Chief Snader.

Neighbors reported being shocked that the individuals inside of the home were involved in associated forces activities. "It's always who you least suspect," said neighbor Juan Diaz. The government has warned residents of increased terrorist activity in the area surrounding the suburb. The police have asked residents to report any suspicious individuals to their nearest Department of Homeland Security fusion center. DHS has dispatched more VIPR teams to keep residents safe. They are conducting extra roadblocks and increasing drone surveillance of the surrounding areas.

"We so far have identified the individual who escaped as a disgrunted ex-soldier involved in far right circles. He has in the past e-mailed several individuals flagged in extremist activity, and should be considered armed and dangerous," said Chief Snader. The police have not made specific what charges the fugitive will face, but most likely charges will be unnecessary considering his ties to terrorism.