Domestic Enemy

What is the best way to rally a population behind a war? Fear and anger. If the population is afraid and angry, the government could justifiably pass draconian legislation or invade foreign countries almost at will.
Indeed, no one understands fear and anger better than America's Top Brass and secret intelligence chiefs. They spend days sitting around while doing nothing but thinking of how to take someone down. In 1962, America's Top Brass sat around and thought of way that they could "justifiably" invade Cuba. "Justifiably" means nothing more than popular support, even if that popular support is gained through manufactured means, through deceit. Operation Northwoods was such a manufactured means.
Exactly four months and 11 days before the attacks of 9/11, ABC revealed: "The plans had the written approval of all the Joint Chiefs of Staff and were presented to Kennedy's defense secretary." So, what exactly did Operation Northwoods entail? ABC writes: "plans included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats, hijacking planes, blowing up a US ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in US cities." 
America's top military leaders coldly calculated that a war with Cuba was so needed, that they were willing to carry out attacks in America themselves. The plans to carry out these attacks were rejected by a very displeased Kennedy, and it took nearly 40 years for the plans to be declassified, but it makes me wonder: what else has the Chiefs of Staff been cooking up all this time? And, is there a possibility that one of these dastardly plans could have been approved by a less than moral administration?
Only time will tell, but considering that many records of the War on Terror have been "lost" or misplaced, there is a very real possibility that the general public may never find out the truth. There is one thing to learn about this, and that is the ability to recognize the capacity of powerful men to concoct heinous plans, to hide behind secrecy and weapons of war.
It is interesting to note that the Joint Chiefs of Staff has not had operational control of the military since 1986. The Goldwater-Nichols act essentially gave the president more direct power over the military. The president now gives an order, the secretary of defense contacts a Unified Combatant Commander, and a part of the world lights up. But of course, we are not an empire.
We are a republic of constitutional laws; laws such as the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012, the same one that gives the president the power to indefinitely detain US citizens. NDAA 2012 also added the National Guard to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Though the Posse Comitatus act of 1878 prevents the president from sending the military into the streets, the National Guard has been under heavy pressure to fall into the hands of the president for quite some time (currently it is under the command of state governors.) The addition of the National Guard was opposed by all the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but that didn't stop congress. “There is no compelling military need for this change,” Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said during a hearing before NDAA 2012 was passed.
No compelling need was also true when in 2007, congress passed the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, giving the president the power to deploy the National Guard on American streets. The provision in the John Warner act which overturned the Posse Comitatus act was repealed in part some time later; there was simply too much opposition from a public afraid of giving Bush more powers.
There seems to be less opposition to giving Obama more powers, even if those powers are essentially the same. Obama himself has called for the creation of a National Defense Civilian Force. There is one thing American jurisprudence has taught me: if your president is forbidden from utilizing the country's reserve military force at will, then he should simply change the name of the reserve military force. There will be nothing civilian about the National Defense Civilian Force; it will be the National Guard renamed, restructured, or merged.