Israeli Blood Oil

In 1967, Israel was able to successfully defeat its Arab neighbors over the course of a 6-day war of preemptive aggression. War, of course, is merely a chess game for the rich and politically-connected; the common man is but a pawn. The common man tends to support many wars because he believes himself to be on a winning team. And, if your team wins something, it is to be shared by all. But, the spoils of the six-day war won't be shared by the common Israeli man.
Israel's success during the six-day war allowed it to significantly expand its territory and bring under its umbrella large numbers of foreign citizens. Much in the same manner that Europeans "relocated" or made life impossible for Native Americans, so too have the European-descended Israelis dealt with their brown neighbors. The Golan Heights -- part of Syria -- has been effectively colonized by Israeli forces. The likelihood of it being returned grows more unlikely as Israel takes advantage of the bloodshed in Syria to expand its financial interests.
Oil was found in the Golan Heights, and the Israelis -- considering themselves masters of the fate of Syrian soil -- have decided to lease the oil fields to an American company. Allowing an American company to build on occupied land will allow Israel to more strongly solidify its hold of Syrian soil; Israel's generosity is essentially a payment to the US military-industrial complex for its support in Israel's shipping in of colonists (also called settlers.)
These colonists, most of whom are religious fanatics, consider themselves to be on a winning team. Their religion has blinded them to the fact that Genie Energy is advised by none other than Dick Cheney -- the man who drilled blood into Iraqi soil -- and that one of the shareholders is Rupert Murdoch -- the media mogul who aided the Iraq-war-lie. Israel's objective in leasing the drilling rights is all about gaining the support of America's extreme conservative elements, which Cheney and Murdoch represent.
Though the Golan Heights is Syrian territory, it will soon be a "freedom oil field," with countless American military lives sworn to defend it. Though annexation of the Golan Heights is not internationally recognized and relocation of civilian populations is considered a war crime, it is only a minor concern considering that the US will veto any resolution against Israel in the UN security council. It turns out that the bloodshed in Syria is a good thing for Israel.