Battle for the Republic

And if the American empire should last for 1,000 years, then they will look back, not knowing exactly when it transitioned from republic to empire, and remember one senator who spoke out. Rand Paul is the main senator sticking to his constitutional principles and demanding that the Obama administration undo the imperial presidency.

I've been in situations where I've had to speak for 13 continuous hours, and can confirm personally how difficult it is. Rand Paul is, besides Senator Cruz, the only man earning his money during this time of austerity sequester. Paul is fighting not just to prevent the nomination of Brennan to CIA chief, but also to prevent Obama and any future president from killing in America. The highest lawyer in the land, attorney general Eric Holder, has just made it clear: Obama believes he can use drones on Americans inside of the US. 

The Guardian has just recently revealed how involved Petraeus was in that whole Iraq torture scene a few years back. Should we forget that Obama promoted Petraeus to be his CIA chief? Brennan, our next CIA chief, is essentially in the same loop as the rest of the imperial gang. An agency that hasn't been held accountable for its mistakes and history of torture also wants the power to kill without judge, jury, or trial; and we are supposed to just accept it? We're not just supposed to accept it, we're supposed to be outraged instead at extramarital fornication.

The whole Petraeus scandal a few months back only proves that in America, you get a pat on the back or you get promoted for torturing, but if you have a little unchristian sex, you get shamed and fired. The country has its priorities right. Of course, if I were Obama and knew that the Guardian was investigating the Iraq war logs released by Bradley Manning -- and how they led to his CIA chief Petraeus -- I would most certainly get rid of him. But undoubtedly, the sex scandal was the real reason Petraeus was forced to resign. To believe otherwise would be a ridiculous conspiracy theory. If you believe that Petraeus resigned for anything but an extramarital affair, you are a crazy conspiracy theorist!