Nation Attacked by Crips; President 50 Cent Safe in Undisclosed Bunker

Yesterday in the early evening, gangbangers in the Bronx opened fire on 4 different police precincts. About 20 Crips with AK-47s unleashed approximately 1,000 rounds in just a matter of frightening, orchestrated minutes. Almost simultaneously, 20 Crips in DC took part in similar drive-bys targeting the Capitol building and the White House. The 10 Crips who shot up the Capitol building were the only gangbanging combatants killed in the attacks; the rest managed to drive away. In total, over 40 people were killed and 80 injured in the attacks. DC Police, secret service agents, by-standers, and two members of the House of Representatives were among the wounded and killed. The government has refused to disclose full details of the attacks and has also delayed releasing information of the dead and injured under national security grounds.

President 50, who has been in office for less than a year, issued brief statements this morning from an undisclosed bunker: “Many men wish death upon us. Niggas tried to take me out, too! And you know what!? The Bible says, 'what goes around, comes around.' I didn't get hit this time, but I've been hit nine times and this diss feels like getting hit nine times eleven times.”

An emotionally moved nation tuned in to the president's speech, where he promised to drive the fight to the enemy and put the heat up on every motherfucker menacing the 'hood. The president's moving speech greatly overshadowed last night's emergency session of Congress following the early evening attacks. With many members of Congress casually glancing at blood on the floor and bullet holes in the walls and windows, legislation targeting automatic weapons passed with complete bipartisan support.

Congress also passed legislation making it easier for the FBI to issue national security letters – effectively silencing anyone asked to hand over information on suspected gangbanging combatants. Further legislation also facilitates the deployment of drones on gangbanging hotspots.

President 50 Cent told the American people in his speech that he believes the legislation congress passed at his behest “will make sure that them motherfuckers don't dare come and start shit up again.” The House of Representatives passed the legislation 533-0, and the Senate passed the legislation with no abstentions and with only one dissenting voice from Senator Rand Paul, who in a lengthy diatribe said: “If I'm working on my car and happen to wear a blue bandanna to protect my hair, does that mean that the FBI can spy on me with a drone for suspicion of Crip affiliation? If I go to a coffee shop for my birthday and all my friends are wearing blue – my favorite color – does that mean that the CIA can classify us as gangbanging combatants and take us out with a Hellfire missile? Does President 50 believe that he has the authority to take someone out if they write some rhymes repping the wrong crew? Would the president have deployed drones on Niggas with Attitude for writing 'fuck da police?'”

Senator Paul's opposition to the emergency legislation gained him some attention on Twitter, to which Senator John McCain responded angrily: “We're a Judeo-Christian nation and our duty is to prevent these attacks from happening again. I think that Senator Paul is detached from reality and is doing the American people a disservice; he's just entertaining libertarian college kids with gangbanging inclinations.”

President 50 made no mention of the squabble over the new legislation and his first order of business in the morning was to sign an executive order authorizing DHS VIPR battalions to indefinitely detain anyone wearing Crip or associated colors until the end of gangbanging hostilities. DHS secretary Dennis Rodman has taken direct command of an MRAP in the Bronx and promises swift justice.