The Enemy's Most Powerful Weapon

New ideas and beliefs are dangerous because they can undo the order of things and unseat the current establishment. As an outside observer, I have seen a rise in the number of Americans who believe anti-government theories, and who see the US government as an adversary. One of the reasons why many Americans are absolutely convinced of the evil of the United States is because of 9/11. Whether you or I believe that the government itself carried out 9/11 is irrelevant. What is scary is the number of armed Americans who believe just that and increasingly call for blood and revolution. 

From an outside point of view, there is a large segment of the American population unsure not just about their financial situation, but also the possibility of an armed confrontation against the government in the event of a worsening economic scenario, which is itself increasingly likely. Anyone who has taken basic military strategy knows that defeating an enemy is as much a physical act as a psychological act. To defeat your enemy, you must make him lose trust in the very institutions that are supposed to support him.

America's enemies are using conspiracy theories against her. Press TV, the official Iranian news agency, recently reported on the murder-suicide of Phillip Marshall, the author of The Big Bamboozle, a book that accuses the US government and the Saudis of complicity in 9/11. A large number of Iranians believe that 9/11 was a false flag attack, and when an individual with a white face and a credible title appears on TV telling them that the US government killed a man and his family for writing a book alleging something that many of them suspect, it only reinforces what they already believe.
The individuals in control of the Iranian regime are pretty smart, and they recognize the power of the mystery surrounding 9/11, and they know that they have to exploit it. Should the Iranian regime begin to assassinate within Israel and the US, it might be in their best interest to assassinate 9/11 truth activists, as this would promote uncertainty and fear. 

I'm not exactly sure what happened to Phillip Marshall, but it seems that the Iranians are benefiting. We live in a time of conspiracy, of uncertainty. We can only hope that the Iranians don't retaliate for the assassination of their scientists with politically-motivated assassinations in the US and Israel. 

According to one of my sources within ICE, the Department of Homeland Security has evidence to indicate that there is a large Mexican cartel directly under the control of Iran's Revolutionary Guard. For now, it hasn't been revealed which cartel, but DHS fears that this cartel will carry out hits in the US once Iran goes nuclear and feels more secure in its own borders. 

My source revealed little, but he mentioned that the top three guys in the cartel are Mexican-Iranian double-agents; their followers are completely unaware that they are anything but pure Mexican ex-military. The average cartel foot soldier would never even dream that he works for anyone but Mexican elements. 

These three Iranian double-agents have succeeded in developing a nation-wide trafficking and assassination network without having ever even set foot within the United States. The trafficking allegedly provides money for the Revolutionary Guard, and the assassination network serves obvious enforcement efforts as well as future political efforts. A war with Iran will not be easy; beyond Hezbollah and Syria, Iran has Latin American proxies.

To be fully honest, however, I can't say whether my source is feeding me the truth, or the DHS version of how Marshall was killed. There is a real possibility that Iran could control a cartel near the border; after all it would be a strategically powerful weapon to have a destabilizing capability near your enemy. I can say with certainty that there is an attempt to hide the truth regarding Marshall's death.