A Message to Putin, from Washington

The United States sent troops to Jordan this week. It is now pretty clear that they will be carrying out operations in Syria. Though officially the United States is sending 200 troops, the number of spies and contractors promises to be far higher; as many as 2,500. Standing between Washington and President Bashar Al-Assad's neck is Iran, its major backer. This of course will make the operation of eliminating Assad more difficult, but it also makes it more attractive. Taking out Assad would mean cutting off Iran's lifeline to Hezbollah. A weaker Iran, a weaker Hezbollah, and a destabilized Syria (no challenge for Golan Heights oil) are highly attractive notions to Israel, as well as US oil interests.
Were it only Iran and Hezbollah standing between Washington and Syria's Assad, he would have been dealt with as swiftly as Gadhaffi was with a no-fly zone and NATO bombardments. But Syria houses a Russian naval base and thus eliminating Assad means that Russia needs to be persuaded to relinquish support. Russia is a strong country, but Chechnya is its weak spot. An old Russian friend of mine told me that he heard some chatter around a certain wall in Moscow, and that it concerned the Chechen identity of the Boston bombers.
According to my friend in Moscow, Russian services believe that the Tsarnaev brothers were double-crossed. A drill was being conducted during the Boston bombings. Members of the Craft (Blackwater/Xe's cousin) were spotted near the blast-zone and carrying similar backpacks. The Tsarnaev brothers were part of the drill, and most likely had dropped harmless backpacks in previous drills, leading them to believe that this time would be no different. Members of the Craft confirm that the backpacks are in place; they themselves are not aware of live explosives. Craft agents serve another purpose beyond confirming the drop, they are to act in case a third party spots the drop and jeopardizes the bags. Craft agents were told that it was a radiation drill similar to the one conducted by VIPR squads on the metro. The Tsarnaev brothers drop what they believe are inert bags, Craft employees confirm that it has been placed according to protocol, Craft employees clear the area, and the bomb is detonated by the director, the only person who knows the whole play.
The director pretends to act as shocked as the drill participants. The Tsarnaev brothers are led away and trailed until they can be conveniently eliminated in the dark by special teams, and to much national fanfare and cheering. America displays how well it can handle martial law and, most importantly, becomes aware of the Chechen threat.
The Kremlin sanctioned American officials for torture in retaliation to the US sanctioning Russian officials for the death of a lawyer not too long ago. Also not too long ago, Russia Today started airing segments that came short of accusing the US of carrying out the September 11 attacks.
The play in Boston has not been fully revealed, but the Kremlin is paying close attention because they know that their weak spot has now been made a cause for panic to the US public. So, Washington has delivered a message to Putin: relinquish Syria or we will destabilize Chechnya. The Kremlin will likely not comply, but the US needs a weak Russia anyway.

Update: It has been reported that the individuals pictured may be National Guard Civil Support Team.