The Revenge of Obama

It's becoming more clear and clear that Obama needed to get Hillary Clinton out of the picture. In Hillary he had a potential adversary for 2012, as well as a woman who had insulted him. I remember someone at Yale telling me: "That's it, that's the knife, she just stabbed him. He won't recover!"
But of course, he did, and somehow decided to tap Hillary to be his secretary of state. In Obama we see a man who is willing to patiently wait before he takes out his prey. He is the most dangerous type of hunter because he cast the shadow of a farmer and doesn't fire the arrow until he has toyed and come to know his deer, to let the deer gain his trust, so that when the arrow pierces the flesh he can enjoy in its eyes not only pain, but also the feeling of betrayal.
Hillary will have to live the rest of her life knowing that Obama set her up to take the blame for the attacks in Benghazi. The 46 page congressional report on the Benghazi attack lays out the fact that Obama placed Hillary in the line of fire.
Lt. Colonel Andrew Wood complained after noticing that the Red Cross and all other groups had withdrawn from Benghazi. He complained that the compound in Benghazi was "the last flag," and the only remaining target in a very hostile area. The US government employed the February 17th brigade, a revolutionary Lybian group with suspected extremist ties, to guard the compound. On September 8th, the February 17th brigade withdraw its support for the compound.
For many months before September 11, 2012, requests had been made to the state department -- beyond Lt. Col. Wood's cries. Undersecretary Kennedy mandated that 5 diplomatic security agents be on board at all times. Yet, there were often only three, and sometimes only one.
The US military is subdivided into regional commands. AFRICOM did not respond because it did not have a fast-response marine team. Instead, EUCOM was tasked with responding to the crisis in North Africa. Conveniently, the main European team was conducting a training mission in Croatia... truly... on 9/11.
And of course, the FBI conducted the investigation instead of an intelligence agency as is regularly done. The fact that the FBI carried out the investigation meant that access to key witnesses and resources was limited, thus hindering progress.
Obama doesn't care about re-election anymore, but he knows that Hillary is unelectable. The congressional report on Benghazi lays out the fact that the Obama administration lied about the September 11 attacks. Had the 46 page report published by the Republican-controlled house been published by an independent media service, it would have been vilified as an elaborate conspiracy theory. In this instance, it is being decried as a partisan witch-hunt, but the facts speak for themselves. Someone at the top ordered a shutdown, and Hillary was kept out of the loop.